Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plastic Recipe Holder

I have had this idea in my head...about using that plastic table cover stuff at Wal-mart to make a Recipe Chart for the Fridge.
(you can click on each image to enlarge)

#1 pick your color palate....(I picked olive green, mustard yellow, barn red, brown, and a dark teal...which will be colors in my new kitchen)
#2 Cut plastic square and paper squares at 5 X 5 1/2" then tape to the Large Plastic piece with 1/4 inch between each piece (LG plastic is 23x20)
#3 sew on each square (side/bottom/other side)
#4 Magnetize the back
#5 Hang on the fridge
#6 Stamp "Mon-Sun" with foam stamps, and "Recipes" on 8th square to hold extra recipes
#7 Choose your weekly recipes/date nights/and FREE B's and There you have it!

It didn't turn out as cute as it was in my head, but it will be nice to have something that makes me plan for the week and KNOW what I need to get for groceries.


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