Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wooden Bird Cage Revamp....

I found this bird cage for $2.00 at our local DI. I know what you are thinking... HELLO IVY! I did too, but I also immediately saw its potential.

First, I stripped it of its jungle madness.( Which took a gazillion years) I thought this would be the quickest process, but who ever owned it before, wired each piece of Ivy on. They really wanted those puppies to stay put!

Then, I washed it up, and decided there was a little too much gold  showing, so I took it to the garage for a quick spray!

I still wanted it to look old, but not to old, so I lightly sanded the edges. 

Now, What to put in it? I really wanted moss balls, but settled for these old books that I also purchased at the DI for .50 a pop!

Don't you just love how it turned out? Plus, It was so easy!

Next time you visit the DI, don't look past the potential in things!

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  1. Oh I am in LOVE! I am totally going to be scouting for a find like that too! LOVE IT!

  2. SCORE! I've been looking for an ornamental bird cage forever (ok since I started to furnish the nursery) and that is absolutely perfect. I want to hang one in the nursery!!!

    Please thrift shops please be good to me and bless me with one.

    Great find, great makeover...ENVY!


  3. I just saw one at "Savers" tonight. I almost bought it and I thought..."oh what will I do with that." I'm going to have to go back tomorrow. SUPER CUTE! Loves

  4. I love it. What was going on with that Ivy? Seriously, people are so funny when it comes to that stuff. It turned out great! I love how you put old books in it. Old Books are my fav!

  5. Oh so much better and I love the books inside of it.


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