Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hutch & Desk Redo

I have had this Hutch for years and the first time I redid turned out like this for my little girls room, to hold blankets, diapers, and misc. stuff! well, I need in in the move for my T.V. and I picked a Old Barn Red to change the Beauty around. 

And I decided when I found this deck for $10 at my local D.I.   I needed it to be matchy for my Computer Desk in our T.V. room. :O)

                                          Paint...pAinT...paINt.... then SAnD....sAnd.... SanD...

First I popped out the middle window in the shelf and  then added wire mesh so the remote would still work for the VCR/DVD and games. I usually stain everything...but after I sanded these I just liked the raw old I refrained and kept it raw :O)

I love the black peeking through  on the desk. And both pieces just give the room a Farm look.


  1. I like them, too. The worn look is great! You did a great job!


  2. I so love the redo! What a great idea to use wire mesh!

  3. beautiful! i love how they turned out!

  4. A-MAZ-ING!! I love how they turned out! I especially love the Hutch.

  5. Isn't there just something about red. It just really brightens up a room. Love how you did them rustic-y. So cute.

  6. seeing that hutch gave me flashbacks ali . . . looks good!

  7. man! i wish i could 'see' the potential in furniture like this! i love it!

  8. OH I so love these pieces!!! nicely done!


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