Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Craft

SO FIRST I want to send you over to....Just a Girl  to show you where I got the idea. I LOVE TO GIVE CREDIT...even if she didn't make it she inspired me.
So I just told you how I make a Stamp...refer HERE if you didn't catch that one
The web was HARD...but worth the effort.
So I made a Web and Spider Stamp and stamped them randomly on my LARGE BoARD and SMALL board...just scraps of 1X10 I had laying around...(which i painted black and grey)
Then I used my NIFTY White Marker Pen to write "And...along came a spider"
Next steps...SAND to desired liking..I LIKE IT ROUGH!
Then Stain with desired stain....
Put a hanger on it and DECORATE that front porch.
This cute Witch and the word SPOOKY are originals of mine and I LOVE HER...isn't she cute?
Have a SPOOKY Halloween and get your SPIRIT on!

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  1. Ali, I am totally in love!! And before I saw the paint marker, I thought that the writing was vinyl! Amazing work girl-fiend.

  2. Such a cute idea. I'll have to try those marker pens...great job!

  3. I love this! i also love your "spooky' and the little witch hat with legs! so flippen cute! i hope its ok i have to show these off on my blog:) way cute:)

  4. i just saw you guys have a copyright im glad i looked first!:) if you gals wouldnt mind i would love to show this cute craft off:)

  5. Love the Halloween craft! You guys are so creative!


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