Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calendar 2010

My friend Toni and I walked through Quilted Bear a couple weeks ago and I saw a cute vintage looking Advent Magnet Board...and I HAD TO MAKE ONE! Mine turned out WAY cuter too.  So....I had "My Metal Guy" cut me a 10x16 peice with the edges folded under for a smooth edge. (If you don't have a metal guy like me...go to the $1 store and get a metal cookie sheet) and then I got all my totally unused scrapbook stuff out and WHIPPED out a 10x16 layout basically....

So then I ran into my LOCAL COPY STORE and color copied it so I could make I wouldn't be the ONLY one enjoying my creation. (And honestly things that are popping out don't mod podge that well)

Then mod podge, let it dry, and ink to get an older look. The one I sent to my sister-in-law I didn't rough up as much as I did mine (below) And I found the FREAKING cute magnet frame at Porters, a craft store in Idaho Falls.

Happy Holidays!
love, Ali


  1. I love this too! My metal guy is my husband. I might just have to ask him to do something for me. Thanks for this!

  2. Can't wait to try this! What a great idea! I had to start following you after looking through your site --- you've got so many great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Love it! I don't have a metal guy, but I gave it a go anyway. Check it out at


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