Monday, December 27, 2010

Fabulous Frames

The possibilities are endless with FRAMES!
So we decided that at least once a month (maybe even more) we would show you something FAB to do with frames.
It may be our own ideas, a previous post, or even a "Feature Post"  featuring one of you!
(So if you have a great idea using a frame email it to us!)

This week we will show you how to turn old frames into wall art!

Gather up all of your old frames and decide which shapes and sizes you want to use! 
(image from fickr)

Now pull out the trusty spray paint, tole paint, or whatever you may use to add some pizazz! 
Paint away! 
 (image from flickr)

Now that you have all of your frames painted. 
I bought some scraps of material to frame in a few of my frames for added detail! 

Lay out all of your frames and start creating piece by piece until it is just right! 

I still needed some color so I used silicone and glued another frame in the center of the blue one!

The best part is enjoying your finished product! 
I am sure as I find great frames I will be adding to this! 

Now to do the same above their bed! 
Just need a few different looking pieces before I can show you!
So watch for that!

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  1. Love Love Love!! And I noticed where you used the tin!! I just need you to come makeover my house now!

  2. We do homemade Christmas presents with my husbands family. I made my bro-in-law a gift with a DI frame. I will send you a picture. (i even thought while making it, man bonnie would be proud) :)

  3. I love your frame arrangement. What a great idea!


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