Thursday, March 3, 2011

sO VErY....LucKY!

I better get a SHOUT OUT from each of my sister...I actually tok STEP-BY-STEP pictures, and forthose of you who have follwed me, know I DON'T DO THAT!  I am in too much of a hurry to remember! :O)
#1 Find 3 random boards in your scrap wood
(or cut 1X6 into 12 and 11inch peices)
#2 Paint the first layer Hunter Green (Walmart) Let Dry

#3 Paint the 2nd layer Leaf Green...let dry

#4 Push boards tgether and tape off edges

#5 Paint thick layer or Hunter Green over the top and edges (same paint as #2)

#6 Find stamps you want, and cut out your own with (Adhesive FOAM, Walmart Craft Isle) if you don't have what you want (Remember to cut it from the adhesiv side so it will not be backwards, and I found more scraps of wood to stick my stamp to, and then throw them in my rAnDoM Stamp box)

#7 Peel off tape :O)

#8 STAMPITTY-Stamp-Stamp-Stamp...let dry, and sand to your liking!

I found random connector things in my tool area and just screwed the back all ska-womped

What do you think? My very own-unique-handcrafted-limited edition-LuCKy SigN! Made in less than an hour!!!! YIPPEE! Up on March 1st ready to ADD luck to my month!
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  1. Super cute...LOVE it! I have three boards sitting in my craft room just waiting for something like this! I'm going to feature this tute on my blog this Sunday if you'd like to stop by, check it out, and grab a button!


  2. Woo Hoo ALI!! If I get time this weekend I'll have to follow your 'beautificus' directions. I just hope the wind that frequents here doesn't blow it to the neighbors house.

  3. I love this sign and I have scheduled a feature of it for tomorrow morning at Extreme Personal Measures.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  4. I am loving all the posts you are doing! Keep em' coming!!! LURVE this idea. We need to plan a craft night out for ladies in Cedar next time you come! Wouldn't that be a blast!?

  5. Love it! Sad, my February crafts are still outside... you are forcing me to tromp out in the snow and put up my March Crafts! :) Super Cute Al! Can't wait to see it in person!!!

  6. So cute! And I know I have a ton of scrap wood just waiting to be used . :o)

  7. Very cute! I love the edges and the lettering is adorable! Super fun:)

  8. How adorable! You're a clever kid aren't ya :)

  9. I've featured this...please stop by, check it out, grab a button :)


  10. Fantastic! What a great project.


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