Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas wrapping: Recycle your Old Clothes

 My son had this old ratty box that obviously needed thrown away, but instead I decided to recycle.( Pat on back)
I have, below, an old holy pair of shorts (so fitting for this Holy season) and a pillowcase that was in the donate pile.
 I covered the box and lid with a hot glue gun!
Wrapped it just like a present.
Easy, breezy, wrapped up box!

 Next I added some scraps of cutesy Christmas paper in the bottom  to jazz it up a bit more!
 I next started choppin up the shorts.
 I made a few stripes about 8 inches long
 Chopped them in half and tied them together with the same fabric!
 OOOOOOoooo I am just so pleased with this parcel!
 Drum roll please...........
  Ta da the finished  reusable wrapped box!
 I also added some scrap ribbon to add a little more pizazz!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
I cant wait to see your ideas on reusable recyled wrapping!


  1. Shar total Brill!!! LURVE how it all came together. I was leery when I saw that tattered box, but seriously WOW!!!

  2. As Beau would say . . . "Holeh!" I laughed about "this holy season". Keehee. The box looks fabulous, Shar. Such crafty delights.

  3. WOW! Sharla Anne So cool!

  4. Super awesome, Shar! So cute and festive!

  5. beautiful! way to go miss fancy pants!

  6. Easy, Festive, and Reuseable EVERY YEAR!!! Love it!


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