Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Deadly Dangerous STAIRCASE

Are you scared yet? 
Well you would be if you ever came into my house with wet shoes and discovered these Six dangerous little buggers!  Look at those slippery steps waiting to make you fall!
  We have priced redoing the stairs and removing the tile but it is too expensive for now, so we thought up many inexpensive solutions.
We have ranged from plastic stair treads all the way to that sandpaper stuff on skate boards. LOL  Finally, we found these rolls of thin indoor /outdoor carpet. We (by we I mean me! My hubby had good intentions to help me... lol) cut the roll to the desired length/ width and applied this amazing sheet flooring adhesive.

sprained leg and concussion say goodbye!!

 I also added a few stencil designs just to add a little bling :)
Don't you just love?

 Horray for non slip surfaces!
And a new fancy staircase!


  1. great idea, and love the stencils, adds that little punch to them. i'm not as scared as i first was! lol

  2. It really looks so great (and no more slipping down your stairs on christmas like I did two years ago!) Thank the heavens. Such a great idea!!!

  3. Tiles on stairs??!?! What is that about?

    Good idea with the carpet. I see you fell down them a few years ago. Fair play, that must have been VERY painful indeed.


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