Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Fever

Does anyone else have major spring fever? 
My long lists of projects to get done, ways to decorate, foods to try, and more, are majorly on my mind! The warmer weather makes me want to get all my spray painting projects done.

First up.....this.....
I love this piece.
Anyone who knows me can tell you what a sucker I am for pots, vases, and containers!
So of course, I can't throw it out. 
So I took out this lovely shade of Krylon...(one of my favs)
I gave this vase a good coat and then sanded the edges slightly.
Next,  I filled it full of some faux grass and rocks.
It fits perfectly in my bathroom.
 I love the freshness of the green...don't you?
Now to do something about that wretched sink...hmmmm...



  1. I did not even notice the wretched sink..

  2. Wow... what a difference a little paint can do. Love your faux grass container. Looks great in your bath.

  3. Freaken lurve Bon! So cute!


  4. I want that wretched sink! It matches my toilet and tub, so I'll trade you the white one we had to put in until I find one of those wretched sinks! If you have a pink one around, I'll take it, too.



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