Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Entry Way and Front Room Update

So when I moved in to this house all the walls were white. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE WHITE, but kids and white walls really don't mesh. I have  slight , okay who am I kidding, major OCD and I think the white walls may very well have been the death of me. Those tiny peanut butter hand prints all over the place just weren't cohesive with my decor. 

The painstakingly loooooonnnngggg process of choosing a paint color was hard. I am loving all the griege colors that are out, but every time I sampled a greige it made the undertones in my kitchen cabinetry look more yellow. {YIKES} And I have these beautiful vaulted ceilings so it needed to be a color that could go throughout all the main living areas. 
I am pretty sure I tried 10 different colors on the wall. That is when I called up my friend, Lisa, in desperation.( She is pretty much a paint color expert.) I told her my dilemma, that I wanted greige but it didn't work. She very simply stated..."you can choose a griege that belongs more in the tan family but without yellow undertones.
" UHHHH HELLO! Why didn't I call her sooner?? 

Then she said the best thing ever- "Bonnie, try Sherwin Williams Loggia. It is beige, with a little gray tone." 
I ran right out and bought a sample can. 
Guess what??
 I was instantly in LOVE.

It was exactly what I wanted. 
Not too dark, no hues of yellow, warm and cool, and bright n' fresh. 
I am positive she is a color master! I know who I am turning to for a paint dilemma next time. 
(Sherwin Williams Loggia -SW7506)

With my paint color decided, I was ready to tackle this project. Well, maybe just THINK about it.

I wish I could say I was 100% ready to go, but let's face it, painting overwhelms me. Thank goodness for my good friend Brenda. She gave me some (much needed) gentle nudging to start the process. She helped me every step of the way. 
SERIOUSLY-- I have some pretty amazing friends!!

I knew I wanted to add paneling, to the entry way wall. 
Like my husband and I did on our laundry room project -

So we bought 2 sheets of white paneling.

 And some MDF to mold it out. 

 We added the wainscoting and got to work on the painting.
(Sorry, I have been bad with pictures taking - crappy cell pic alert.)

It really is amazing how simple changes like wainscoting and paint can completely transform a room.

I am probably the worlds slowest decorator. I am very methodical when I start a room.
 But hey, two years isn't too long to finish a space is it? haha

Entry Way-

And a couple before and after shots. 
I am a sucker for a before and after shot.

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