Monday, November 23, 2009

Project Completed

I just showed you this huge find at the DI!
I know totally Ugly right??

But with the whopping price of $ was a must have!

This frame was massive.
So we ( and when I say " we" I mean my sweet Hubby) cut it down. We cut the frame and the canvas to the size I wanted it!

Then after my slave (heehee) reassembled the frame,
we filled it with wood glue where it needed it.
And sanded it slightly.
Then painted!

The frame black ( I know a real shocker!)

And painted the canvas too.
This part I changed my mind on several times.
So it went from white, to antique white, to white again.

After assembling the pieces. I started to lay down my vinyl that my super talented sis-in-law designed!

So simple, but elegant!

Now for some new candles (different color, I am thinking orange) and some new accessories to make this look even better!
I love it!
It makes such a bold statement!

I wish I could take credit for this fabulous idea, but I totally got it from the talented and fabulous women over at Joys of Home.
She is amazing and totally inspiring!

If you want to make one too. My sis-in-law is selling the vinyl. It is 12.50 for the large design, 9.50 for a medium design, and $7.50 for a small one.
And shipping is only 2.00 no matter where you live! So head on over to her site and let her know if you want one too!



  1. I love it Bon! So Pretty! Everytime I see these, I am in love!

  2. Fabulous!!! Great job as usual! You are so talented.

  3. BONNIE, I SO LOVE THIS!!! Oh my gosh, you are right, why don't we live closer to eachother! I love love this idea!

  4. OMH!!! I LOVE your new blog - where is all this talent coming from?! Still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor! Who would have thought when we were little and playing barbies, house, imaginary friends,, secret garden, etc that you would grow up to be the most amazing woman ever!!! So proud of my bff :)

  5. Very cool Bonnie. I love playing with vinyl! Finished project looks great.

  6. Bonnie you are amazing! I have a hard time looking at things and imagining them different. What you did with this frame is awesome! You and Nikki are so talented!

  7. Love it (I'm a sucker for monograms) You did a fabulous job! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very chic! Love it! Your hubs is a sweetie!


  9. GREAT Idea! Now off to the thrift store I go!!!

  10. great re-cycle job! And, Hubby gets to see how fabulous you stretched his $4.


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