Monday, February 1, 2010

For the Love of Bears....NOT

I saw this crap-tacular beauty and fell in love!

I know! I know! You must be thinking WHAT?
But seriously I entered the DI and there she was.
Sitting upon her end cap thrown waiting for the hordes of people to come clawing for her.
I quite literally ran without giving thought to my wee ones trailing behind.
I was ready to sink my claws into the masses.
I grabbed her!!
Pulled her closely to me and turned to glare at the crowds!
Fortunately the only person who had noticed my mad dash to claim my prize was the sales clerk with her mouth gaped wide open, obviously in shock!
I am sure she was thinking "This lady is Nutso. That piece is totally UG!"
But I didn't care she was soon to be all mine!
All for the pretty price of .75cents!

And this is her story...sniff...sigh...yes, true love!

I gave her a healthy coat of white paint.
And then sanded her down to my likings.

Pulled out some of this....
Cut it down to size.....
and regretfully (tehe) covered up that wretched bear.

Hot glued the fabric down.
Then added this left over trim from an earlier project.
Hot glued that down as well.

So far so good!

Now to add a few push pins , handle, and accessories for some WOW.
They only had clear push pins at Wally I improvised and made something a little more chic'!
I took decorative brads, snipped off the back and hot glued them on to the head of the push pin.

And a totally DRAB TO FAB  makeover!
Ready for some art work, a note from mom, or whatever!
Perfect for my girls room!

(See that flower..Yep...that is another one from my silk flower making. I added toile and feathers for even more pizazz!)

If only I could see the look on that sales clerks face NOW!!


  1. Drab to Fab indeed! Those push pins are too cute! Job well done!


  2. UMM....That would go perfect in my Little girls room. Thanks you are SO sweet to be making me house warming gifts already! I LOVE IT BON...totally copying! and I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the handle at the top!


  3. So Trendy and Fab! I Love the added flower, and the bold zebra pattern, PERFECT!


  4. Very Trendy and super cute!!

  5. Wow! Now that is having an eye! It was horrendous before and I would PAY for it after!!!!

  6. What a transformation, love the colors!

  7. Cute! I am just not creative like that. I'm loving your site!

  8. Bon you are a hoot and a Halla! You make me laugh while giving me inspiration! Keep rockin it girl!

  9. Oh my goodness I love it! I will have to scour the 100 yen stores around here and see if I can find a good sized board like that!

  10. So sad to see the bear go:( NOT!!! So cute Bon I love it!!

  11. Oh I love it! I'm just working on re-organizing my office corner and was thinking I needed a board, but I want a pretty've inspired me! :)

  12. LOL I love it! I need it! Thanks for the idea :)

  13. That is fabulous! You have some amazing projects and I just started looking!

  14. I LOVE this! Especially the push pin idea. I was going to use fabric, but this is way better (and I bet way bettr to make)! Thanks for sharing!

  15. HI! I am your newest fan and follower!! Love, love, love your blog!
    This piece is definitely FAB!

  16. Super cute! What a great idea. I totally want to do it! And the brads on the pin totally complete it!

  17. Hello, Gorg Fab! I love it! I love that handle too!! You guys are amazing. Bonnie - this is stunning. I would have hung up the horrible bear one & then just laughed to myself, all the while wishing I could make something like this. :)

  18. This one is my favorite! I use a corkboard for my jewelry...its so boring and plain! Well, did this makeover on it and it came out amazing! I love your ideas. I think I check your website as much as I check my email now and will be posting it up on my Facebook account! Thanks for all the amazing ideas!

  19. very cute,love the zebra print.

  20. Hello,

    Just stumbled upon your blog from a different blog. Beautiful work.

    Question, what is the DI?



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