Monday, June 21, 2010

This Mama is excited for her baby girl to come

Oh nothing...just made up a diaper bag...since I can't buy the one I REALLY want at Target!
Of course those followers who have followed for a while know I'm a 80% and so I made this up...really not so hard...but did forget to take pictures along the I thought I'd just share.
I'm JUST A LITTLE giddy about our newest-soon-to-be-arrival
(whom we have not picked a name for???? HELP)

You go ROCK it......
                     LOVES, Ali


  1. Way cute bag. I can never find cute diaper bags - or the ones I do like are a little too much. This is so great. I might even make my own.

  2. Super cute bag! Picking girl names was so difficult for us, but I will share a few of our favorites:
    Gracie, Claire, Kate, Chloe, Halle, Hadley, Hannah, Zoe, Bella, Ava, Presley, Harper, Taylor, Reese, Charly, Piper, Allie, Olivia, Violet, Paisley, Gabby...Ok this list could go on and on. Good Luck on choosing a name and Congrats on your baby girl!

  3. It's very cute--but oh no you ditn't write half-a**er

  4. Cute bag Ali! As for baby names???? How about Raymie?

  5. I already told you Ali, I am partial to Beth. Good luck and cute diaper bag! Lotsa Love,

  6. How adorable! Wish I was talented enough to whip something up without a pattern! Fave girl names: Morgan, Chloe, Ava, Mia

  7. Love the bag.. there are so many cute girl names.. here are a few of my fav .. Aspen, Harleigh, Faith, Brooklyn, Eden

  8. Love the bag!!

    I have 2 girls..Erin Elise 6 & Ella Logan 4

    Good luck name many to choose from.
    Other names I love are Ava, Abby, Eden, Ally

  9. HI!
    I gave you an award!!
    Check it out! =)

    <3 brandi

  10. Cute blog!! I featured your highchair on my blog today at Sassy Sites! Come by and check it out!! :)

  11. Love your blog... gave you an award at :)

  12. Hello! Cute blog! I saw your comment regarding the 'flower power' background not working on our site. To be honest, I'm not quite sure that we have a background by that name...? Can you elaborate on what it looks like?


    Ashley - TCBOTB

  13. Such a cute bag!

    Girls names are always so difficult!
    We have an Alaska Lynn & a McKinly Lauren over here! :)
    I love the name Willow, but due to the popularity of the film in my generation, it was very quickly vetoed by my hubby!

  14. Very cute!

    I love our daughters name. So classy - Audrey!


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