Friday, January 13, 2012

Gallery Wall

I am absolutely in LOVE with all the beautiful gallery wall displays.
 But let's face it....
I have small hallways and limited wall space, so clustering frames together would make me claustrophobic.
But I have had this idea for awhile to frame in, with molding, a piece of the wall and then collage picture frames.
Making it appear better balanced in my small space.

I first framed out my wall space. 

 I then painted the inside a stark white. I knew this would make everything pop. I started with stripes, but quickly decided that it was still too much for me. I needed to keep it clean and simple for this space.
So repainted the wall back to the stark white.

 Once I had it framed in and painted, I also painted the molding black.
(Note to self....make the molding frame first, paint it, and then pin nail it on....That would have saved me some taping and retouching. )
 Then I dug out my frame bin and started collecting all the frames I wanted to use for the wall! 
I took them outside to spray paint them black and then started to piece each frame  together on the wall. 
 More frames dug out and painted......

Picture Perfect Family Tree Wall. 
 I love how slim to the wall it all is. My hallways are narrow and it doesn't make me feel confined!

 Now to collect which pictures I want up on the wall.
I am doing several with all kinds of trees, black n' white. 
And the rest with pictures of our family! 

Do you LOVE  it as much as I do??
I can't stop looking at it!

Stop by soon for an updated wall with the pictures!


  1. I have a really narrow hallway too and have wondered myself how to make my gallory wall look nice without it being too much for the space. You did a fabulous job Bon. I really do love it!

  2. That is super cool. I would have NEVER thought of that!

  3. Cute, functional and Chic!! I love it!

  4. amazing Bon Bon! Absolutely love it. You make me want to finally finish the gallery wall I started FIVE years ago!!! :) I will finish it soon and post!!!

  5. Seriously a pull to it! Love how you took a trend and made it fabulously your own!! I may steal this!

  6. This has a serious gravitational pull to it! I love how you took a cute trend and made it fabulously your own! I may steal this since I have zero decorative talent.

  7. What paint color is on your wall? I really like it :-)


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