Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I love school time.
Don't get me wrong, I miss my kids and all, but I do love the structure.
I don't know about you , but with school comes the endless paperwork, reminders, school order forms, and more. My fridge starts looking crazy disorganized like this.....

I am totally cringing that I am even showing you how jumbled and cluttered my fridge gets!
It drives me CRAZY!
And trust me, four kids has somehow fried some of the most important brain cells in my head. Ya know, the ones that help me remember things. 
(O.K. so maybe it isn't the kids, but the Krylon I am always using! TEHE)
So I have been on the hunt for something to help me stay organized!

And look what I found for $1.50!

 A plain wretchedly ordinary  file box!

So I got out my trusty companions.

I spray painted the box with two coats of spray paint. 
Then I found some wrapping paper I had laying around and modpodged the paper on the sides and top.

And finally.....

A perfect place to store the kids homework and school reminders. There is a shelf for each child and one I put their daily chore list in too! 

Ahhhhhhh.........Much better! 
Now I can walk past the fridge without cringing! 


  1. You are a genius! Our kids are not even in school yet and our fridge is a disaster.

  2. That was one fabulous deal! It looks great and it's functional! Love it!

  3. That is fabulous!!!! I never would have thought of covering it with paper. I have one I use for papers in my crafting area, but it is just plain.

  4. You got a great deal and I love your redo of it. I am not looking forward to them going back to school, but I guess I could use a little more structure.LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Oohh! I would love one of those. I've got to find one. I'll be on the look out. Yours is so darling and useful. I hate it when my fridge look like that too.

  6. SCORE!! That looks great! What a fabulous find.

  7. Love it! I want one! What a great find and transformation.

  8. So, cute!! I have a question, your last shot of your fridge...are you just writing on it with a dry erase marker???? I never would have thought of that...

  9. i can't tell you how many of those boxes i have passed up at junk stores and garage sales. i only wish that I would have had your vision. That would work perfectly for me and my crew. Great idea!

  10. Bon...great idea..TOTALLY COPYING!!!

  11. That is very cute, I have seven kids in my house so you should see my fridge, wonder if I could find one that has seven slots, or maybe just find two. Loved it...

  12. I love your blog....So happy I stumbled on it today = )

  13. When you mod podged this, did you add a coat to the entire box or just to the sides where you decoupaged? I'm worried that if I don't coat all of it there will be different textured surfaces. Email me!


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