Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vintage Cupcake Stands....

Can I just say, "I am obsessed with these little lovelies!" EEEEEEK, I am so excited to share this project! I have been making them left and right, and for every occasion. I chose a white and Silver color pallet. It being  Christmas and all. 

Here's the skinny ~
Chose the amount of stands you want, and your color pallet. Go to your local thrift store, and they have thousands of options. I love the vintage looking cups and plates. I paid, .25-.50 cents for the tea cups, .75 cents for the small plates, and .75-1.00 for the large plates! Such a bargain!

♥ the double handle on the left tea cup!
Find the same amount of plates to match!

Pull out any kind of trusty adhesive. I used Gorilla glue, but I have also used liquid nails. Both found at Walmart!

Next, turn the tea cup upside down and attach the plate faced upward! I let it dry over night to make sure it is secure.

Aren't they just FABULOUS?!......Not to mention so fancy, and perfect for any occasion! I cannot wait to use this same idea for my daughters birthday, with every size of cupcakes!


You can even go as far as a double and triple decker stand! I think a glass triple decker stand would be MaGnIfIcO!


I also bought some pure white ones to go along with my white dish collection, and some Funky yellow and brown. Can't wait to get me hands on them! Just in time for a holiday cookie exchange. Can you imagine the oooo's and aaaaaaw's over these?! No excuses ladies,  go out and find something fabulous!
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  1. I love these. This whole blog is so fun. I'm glad for the Christmas week frequent updates. I think I am going to talk my sisters into hitting Goodwill when we're together next week & making a few of these!

  2. Great idea! I just finished making a teacup candlelabra!! I plan to show it soon.

    I can just see sweet little cupcakes sitting on these stacked in varying heights.


  3. love these! and LOVE the table underneath too :)

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  5. Thanks for all of the comments ladies. The table underneath is actually made from an old sewing table I found. There is a post all about it earlier on our blog!

    Merry Christmas~
    Hanna ( Drab to Fab sister)

  6. i love this idea! thanks for sharing:)

  7. Oh Boogs--you guys are so cutting-edge craft-aware. This is one of my favorites.


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