Monday, July 18, 2011

Kid's Art Frames: my first D to the F!

Okay, it's not the first time I've bought something old and fixed it up and used it for household decoration . . . it's just my first time posting here on Drab to Fab about it.  I'll be bringing back "Tasty Tuesdays" when I have more time . . . my cooking these days (at 37 weeks pregnant) is completely for eating only.  Not for photography or florid descriptions . . .

Moving on . . .

I bought these frames for $2 apiece at Deseret Industries thrift store (I thought briefly about hanging them up "as is" to go with my quilted hunting lodge decor, but decided to branch out and try something else).
Kidding . . . these framed fabric prints are hideous.
First thing to do was to remove the offensive fowl.
Already looking better . . .
Next, four coats of high-gloss white Krylon.  Oh yeah.  (I already had this spray paint on hand, but I think the can was around four bucks).
I love how the wood-colored scrollwork still shows through.
Then, a 4-pack of corkboard purchased at Wal-Mart for $5.

Finally, hot glue to attach the corkboard inside each frame.

Hello, I am jealous of myself, and have inspired my kids to new creative heights.  They have been busy making art since I hung the frames up in my short blue hallway.  My six-year-old son said, "I know why there's four cork boards.  So when the baby is born we can teach it how to do art . . . wait, do you have another frame?"  I wish I did have another frame (hello, where's the mallard duck print?), but three will have to do for now, until "it" learns to "do art."


  1. I am going to save this is my pile of MUST DO's. I love the frames too.

  2. Such a cute idea!!! I just love how you turned the frames into an area to showcase your children's work! So sweet!

  3. Awesome idea to get their creative juices flowing early! The cork is brilliant. You can change them often and maybe even display their report cards.
    Until "it" gets "its" creative groove on, you could display "its" hands or footprints?????

  4. LOVE it.. My sister in law is an artist and actually painted frames on her hallway walls years ago and would just take up her daughters art work! Wish I would of taken photos of that.. What a great idea! I love it.. Thanks for sharing..


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