Monday, January 23, 2012

Easy Party Lights!

Super simple way to spice up lighting at a party! Or to spice up any type of jar for holding party favors/utensils/napkins/etc... Really, the uses are limitless!

Take any size or shape jar/vase- clear, & add rubber bands around it.  Be creative.  The rubber bands can be straight, curvy, overlap, try a few different ways until you find what you like!

Spray paint a color of your choice & Let Dry!

Pull off the rubber bands, and TADA: Super cool Jars!!!

I happened to use these ones for the Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 party I hosted! (little tea light inside the black vase)

Bonnie is the only sister that wasn't able to come.  We missed her a lot!  This is our mom, five of the sisters, and both sisters in law!

And a picture of a few of us with Edward and Bella at the Premiere!


  1. What a fun idea. Will have to keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great idea! I love how customizable it is!

    We are hosting our first link up party at we'd love to have you share this fun idea if you are interested.


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