Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Home Organizer

My Husband Brought home a crate lid to an old crate box about 4 years back.  I have been dreaming of making a kitchen organizer with it, and I finally did it!  It was actually super simple.  
Wish I would have done it earlier.

Took the cork part of a corkboard I already owned and cut it to fit in half the crate box lid!

Next, I added Scrap Paper of my choosing around the border.  I decided to use a solid print in case I ever decide to change my kitchen decor!

Scuff up edges with Ink!

Filled the other side with Cardboard to more easily work my calendar plan

Cover the cardboard with paper color of your choice. again I chose solid colors.

Added a rectangle piece of sheet metal for a magnet board!

Found an awesome website to print out some calendars!
A Three month plan!  Every third month is the same color paper!

Purchase a few clasps that you would use for file folders. (Acco File Fasteners).  Punch them through on the BACK of the cardboard BEFORE you glue the cardboard into the crate lid. That way only the clasp parts are sticking out! 
This is the glue I used for most of the job- to attach the cork & the cardboard down to the wood!

Almost done.  I wanted some type of basket to attach under the magnet board to hold pens, important mail/envelopes, etc....

Found the perfect holder (five months later) at D.I. for 50 cents!!! Nailed it in with two short nails!

And Viola!  All done!!!

I can't even remember what I did before I had this.  I use it every single day, and I get many compliments!

Now go out and make your own Organizer!!!


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