Friday, February 3, 2012

All that Jazz

This is another simple painting project!

My husband HATES colored walls. He doesn't necessarily love white walls either.  if he has his way, every wall in our house would be tan... BORING!  So, I decided to compromise.  I told him I wouldn't paint our family room (Jazz music themed) a bright color, IF he let me paint the furniture whatever color I wanted.  He was hesitant but finally gave in! 
boring plain end tables

Paint them yellow (I didn't sand them down before I painted.  I SHOULD have, because it took me 4 coats to get this covered!)
scuff up the edges & add some scratches to the top with simple sandpaper!
Spray painted some end table decor/ room decor for my family room.
More spray painting - no more plain black candlesticks

add pieces to the end tables (the purple wicker basket underneath holds  my babies wipes/diapers/creams for when we are downstairs and I don't want to run upstairs for a diaper change.)

And the coffee table, i DID sand this one down (luckily)

I Painted it black first, and then lime green, so when you scuff it the black shows through!

Sprayed it with a gloss finish so it wouldn't be sticky and so the paint wouldn't get scratched off.  (Had to bring it inside to dry, outside is far too cold.)

Finished product.
 My Husband was actually pleasantly surprised at how much he liked the bright furniture!


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