Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Costume Idea: witch shoes

I know, I know.  This idea would have helped you out A WEEK AGO.  Let's just say I'm helping you out a year in advance.  I like to plan ahead.

My sweet mother-in-law sent my daughter Mollie the CUTEST Halloween clothes at the beginning of October, which prompted Mollie to decide she wanted to be a witch for Halloween.  I was so excited!  She already had a witch hat, so I just needed witch tights and some witch shoes.  I paid $8 for some witchy high heels at the D.I., with plans to turn them into five-year-old witch shoes.  I think they turned out pretty cool.

Original Banana Republic high heels: $8
I used a bread knife to saw through the shoe. Then I hot clued a pair of her
Sunday  shoes (that have been getting snug, anyway) and glued those pointy
babies on over the shoe.  VOILA!.
With the shoes, the hat, and the clothes, and a pair of stripey tights from Target, she was ready for a photo shoot.  This is the first year I have thought to take pictures BEFORE Halloween Day, and I was proud of myself for thinking of it, because those pictures are always taken in a mad rush before trick-or-treating.  {When I write "mad rush," I really do mean mad: my kids are angry with me for cutting into their candy-collecting time with photos.}

That shirt "Tutu Wicked" was totally designed
and made by MY fabulous mother-in-law.

If I have baby chicks, they are going to be
incorporated into every photo possible.

Beyond adorable, right?  I certainly think so.  And every I showed these pictures to thought so as well.  So assumed Mollie would like to see how cute she looked.  As soon as I showed her the above photos, she looked at me, her eyes filled up with tears, and she wailed, "Mo-ommmm, I just want to be Rapunzel!"

C'est la vie, people.


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