Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Headboard

This project is fairly simple to tackle.

What you will need

~1 sheet of press board. 
(You could use particle board too. 
Side note- you can find extra press board all the time on construction sites.
 Most construction workers will just let you have it)
~Spray adhesive
{Enough to cover the size of headboard you are making}
~Staple Gun
*Opt.--a husband willing to help 
{I never do projects without mine!}

First off, you will need to decide what size you want your headboard to be.
 I made mine for a twin bed and knew I wanted the edges to come over the bed a bit. So I measured the bed and added 2 inches to each side to figure out my width. 

You also need to decide before-hand what shape of headboard you want. 
There are so many fun shapes to choose from. 
Here are a few of my favs-

It doesn't have to be an exact. 

I can't draw worth beans, so my hubby just free handed the shape I wanted.

Step 8

Mount it to the wall and enjoy!
Happy Crafting


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