Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thrift Store Accesories

There are so many simple ways to accessorize your home on a budget. You can find beautiful pieces that just need  little to no work, to help beautify your home at fractions of the cost.

Here are a few past projects with before and after pictures.

Remember this project?
You can find step by step instructions - HERE

We turned a large thrift store print in a chic' and simplistic statement piece.

Thrift store finds help you to be creative.
You can combine thrift store finds to make something awesome
Find more on this project HERE

From this salt shaker, wooden salad bowl, and hot pot holder this!

Remember this fabulous tray?
You can find more on how to make your own HERE

 When you have established what kind of pieces you want in your home. Make a list. Writing it down can help you when you are thrifting to remember what kind of items you are looking for. 

I am always on the look out for vases and pots. I LOVE them! All shapes and sizes. But let's face it- they aren't always in the colors I am wanting. But color is an easy fix. Paint can transform anything.

I found this lovely piece while thrifting with a friend. 
The color isn't awful, it just doesn't match my accent colors in my home.
So I grabbed my favorite green shade of spray paint.

 After a coat of spray it was ready to place above my cabinets.

All of these pieces were found at a thrift store. Including the candles. 
Why spend more, when you can spend less?

So the next time you want to accesorize your home, don't rule out some thrift store finds.
Happy Crafting

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