Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inexpensive Gift Idea

I know in past years we have showed you this same concept over and over. 
And I am sure you have seen variations of this same idea all over blog land!

With Christmas fast approaching it is a good one to show again just in case you are needing some last minute gift ideas.
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I have tried gorilla glue and a few others glues, but the silicone is my FAV for glass!! 
Works like a charm!

So first collect your glass vases, glass candlesticks, stemware, etc.
I get mine at the dollar store, DI, Ross, etc.

Then buy yourself some of this goodness!
I feel like Gorilla glue breaks easily- this adheres perfectly, clearly, and holds!!

Dab a glob of the silicone on the vase and stem - 
Beautiful candy dishes, decor, and candle holders!

 The kids made these ones for their teachers!!

And of course I have made tons for my own home.

An inexpensive and elegant piece no matter what you do with it!


  1. Love this! I saw something similar to this on another blog, and I went out and bought vases from the dollar store, and candletick holders for $0.49 at ikea, and it looks great! I would never have thought of making my own apothecary jars, but its a great, money saving idea!

  2. My mom and I just got back from the dollar store.
    we picked up some jars and vases but we also picked up little plates that are used for candles but we are going to use to display a cupcake (:

  3. Love this idea. It never gets old

  4. Oooh . . . I take it back, I think THIS one is my favorite. But where do you guys store all this glassware? That one with the candle in it looks so perfect.

  5. I finally made one of these tonight! Thanks for the idea!

  6. I love this idea and I keep telling my friends about it. I've already got the stuff to make two of these. Love it!

  7. Wow.. these are gorgeous as well! Thanks for the link :)


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