Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bowl and Plate Crazy

I did go bowl and plate stand crazy right before Christmas.
This project is so simple, inexpensive and easy!
Like I did here and here

So I made tons for Christmas gifts! For neighbors goodie plates and such!

First up, another fruit bowl or bowl stand!
Made by using another salt shaker, topped off. And a wooden salad bowl.

First glue them together and wait for glue to dry!

Then paint...two coats or more!

Sand the edges down...

And you have a quick and easy Bowl stand!
I forgot to take pictures of this displayed before I gave it away!
I wanted to keep it.
I loved it so much!
But forced myself to part with it!:)

Then I made tons of glass stands
Just buy the taper glass candle holders.
( I got mine at DI, 2 for $1.00. And the bowls/plates for no more than .75 cents. So you see this project is cheap)
Then bowls, etc, with a flat bottom.

Turn it upside down and glue it on.
I used epoxy gorilla glue!

The possibilities are endless!

Happy Creating Everyone!


  1. I still need to make some of these! I want to make mini cupcake stands! I love the shirt revamp, so cute Bon! man you really stay caught up, I love all you do!

  2. Ooh, Boogs--I love those candy dishes! Except then I would buy candy to put inside them, and that is a January no-no. Maybe in February for Valentine's day . . .

  3. I actually did something similar for my wedding cake stand! Couldn't find anything that I love, do I got a wide uniquely shaped vase, flipped it over & glued an actual wooden frame on top for the cake to rest on. Spray painted it black & FAB! People thought it was ceramic!


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