Friday, December 11, 2009


So using the same idea I did two posts down with the fruit bowl/ candle bowl,
I did goodie plates or candle plates!

I found two candle sticks and two paper towel holder bottoms. There are always tons of these at every thrift store I go to.

Flip the top over and glue down your candle sticks with wood glue.
Make sure to wipe away excess glue.
Let glue dry!

Now they are ready to paint!

I painted mine black. Two coats!

Then sand it down to show wood grain!
Love the cherry wood showing through!

I had an idea to add a plate to the top. So I got fast bonding epoxy Gorilla glue!
Perfect for the job!

I glued the plate down directly centered!

And finally, Voila!
This goody plate....

I found these brand new plates w/ words at the DI (along with the other wood pieces) for .50 cents each! The candle sticks were .50 cents each and so were the base pieces.

So $1.50 total to make each of these goodies plates! I am going to use them for neighbor gifts or teacher gifts!

But you could also make it a candle plate,, like this....
And it would be just as pretty without the plate too!

Well, I am off to make more!
Happy Crafting!!


  1. Ooh, I love this one! Now I am going to be looking for round wooden plates--I think a lot of them are cheese plates and I always see them with the glass bell jar--that would be cute for a goody plate, too.

  2. Cuteness! Your a crafter thru and true Bonnie!

  3. You are too talented! Your DI is so much better than ours.
    I have changed our blog address to

  4. LOVE! Can't wait to make some! I made something kindof like this, but I just glued the plates right on top of the stand! Lucky find on those plates, too cute!

  5. So I checked out this blog a couple of weeks ago and was so inspired I went to the DI (which I haven't been to in years!) and found some great buys! I bought stuff for a bowl, but I haven't put it together yet. But found some other stuff for my sister's Christmas present, that I painted and added flowers and rub-ons! It turned out soooo cute and it was soooo cheap I want to keep it for myself! Oh, and I saw your blog is going private. I would love an invite

  6. WOW -- That's a good one too! I'm going to link this post to my Boardwalk Blotter. I'll be right back with the link for you, ok?

  7. I have linked this post to my Boardwalk Blotter displaying one picture and a direct link back to your blog. You will find it here:

    Thank you so much for your creative ideas!


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