Monday, January 10, 2011

A little "REDO"

My list has been becoming quite long of all the little things, here and there, that need done or refreshed. 
Is yours?
But I appreciate the New Year 'cause it brings on more motivation to do them!

Just needs a little refreshing!
Found these and knew they would be perfect for my bedroom!

Then I...
-------------Now on to the chair that sits in my bedroom.----
Remember this $3.00 chair I redid over a year ago?
If not, here is the transformation.
Not bad! 

It has gone beautifully in my bedroom, but because I use my personal furniture for photog as well, it gets dirty fast. 
And this time it wasn't coming out!
I then added the vinyl word KISS to the seat, and threw my new pillow on it...

And threw the other new pillow on the bed....
One new pillow and a new (well, new to me...$3.00 DI lamp) totally brightened this bed and end table up!
Perfectly refreshed for the New Year!




  1. LOVELY redo!! The pillows are especially fab!

  2. i am LOVING those pillows!!! the little flower added SO much to it!!!! good job!

  3. I love the fresh new look! That pillow is perfect and would be perfect for my daughter's room. I was wondering if you could share where you got it and if it was recently? Thanks!

  4. Mariah they were at the Dollar Tree. They are a good size and well stuffed. Not cheaply made. Hope you have some at your dollar store!!

  5. Way cute!!! The dollar store can really rock!

  6. Yikety yikes indeed! These are cute! p.s. I didn't know that the dollar store had pillows. Must run an errand!!

  7. Those cushions are so cute. I like the chair too. I've never seen those vinyl words before. How do they work?
    Megs :)

  8. Those pillow are just so gorgeous, what a great top to cut up and use. I have cut out vinyl words from my cricut,you have just given me some ideas :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVE those pillows. Guess I'll be running there as soon as the snow clears :)

  10. Amazing the difference those two little flowers made to the pillows and it's amazing the difference those two little pillow made to your room. Perfection1 -K

  11. Meg
    the vinyl is the same vinyl cut from a cricut machine, or you can buy pre cut pieces at a craft store. Whenever you use vinyl seating to recover...the vinyl piece sticks right to it. And when you get sick of it, it pulls right off.
    Happy Crafting hope you get to try some

  12. Lovely! I love how you redid the pillows. The different textures are perfect.

  13. Your room looks great. Those yellow pillows are so cute with your flower, gotta love the dollar store! And I am always looking for new ways to use my cricut. Thanks so much for your comment on my redos, I really appreciate it.

  14. I love a great chair makeover! Yours turned out amazing!!! Great job!

  15. Are you kidding me... dollar store pillows?! I am in love with the flower you added!! Great job on the room transformation. It might be little differences, but it makes a HUGE difference when you put them all together!! Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites- Trash to Treasure Tuesday! We are doing a LABEL giveaway today, so come back and check it out!

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  16. Bon, I bought all the black and white ones at ours!Love the way you added a flower, too cute!


  17. I love those pillow! What a great added piece to the room! I Love!

  18. AMAZING!!!! I love how the pillows turned out. They look fab!

  19. That is great! I love to pillow...I had no idea the dollar store even had pillows. I'm going to have to go shopping first thing tomorrow!


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