Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ledge Shelf

Have you seen the wonderful ledge shelves all over pinterest? I believe I saw a ledge shelf first on Shanty 2 Chic . I knew right away that I HAD TO HAVE ONE.
  I have this lovely wall that has given me so much heart ache and confusion. 

The angle has made me second guess everything I have considered putting there. 
But when I came across a few different styles of ledge shelves, I knew it would work perfectly. I could mount the shelf to the wall, centered, but use frames to stagger the heigth to work with the wall. 

My sister, Hanna, also recently added 4 gorgeous ledge shelves to her home. When I saw them in person I knew that I was on the right track and seeing her's only solidified my decision.

This is what I used.

{2} 8ft 1x4's
{1} 1x2 
Pin Nailer

YEP, that's it! Super easy!!
Of course I  opted to use my "man slave" --haha--that cute hubby of mine is pretty darn handy.

This is how you assemble it...

You could easily wood glue it too if you don't have a pin nailer.

Next mount it to your wall. We pin nailed it right into the studs.
{Sorry--this next pic is a "dumb phone" picture}

I have a frame bin. It is sad how obsessed I am with frames. I love oval frames, square frames, antique frames, pretty much any kind. So I buy lots at the thrift stores, because they always come in handy. I had everything already on hand that I used to decorate my shelf.
 I just simply spray painted a few items {ivy leaf is the green I used here} and framed some printables. 

 Doesn't it look perfect there? I am in love with it.

The best part is how narrow it sits to the wall.

 I love that you can see it from the front room too!
 {Yes, my daughter is feeding a baby sheep}

One more view...

See that banister? Well that is an upcoming post soon too! It is time for it to go bye bye.
Happy Crafting everyone.
Enjoy your week!

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