Thursday, March 19, 2015

Refurbish FEVER

Some people get spring fever, I just tend to get REFURBISH FEVER. The sun comes out to play with it's glorious rays of goodness and I just want to spray paint, hammer, sand, just about everything in sight! 

My cousin, Ashlyn, and I spent an afternoon exploring the many thrift stores in this area. And oh my goodness, I found WAY too many treasures. (Well, they WILL be treasures when I am finished with them) 

I saw this lamp and wanted it instantly.
 The details on this lamp are so beautiful.

I don't think the original look is awful. I toyed with the idea to leave it, since gold is really trendy right now, but finally came to the conclusion to do it a crisp white finish . I gave it two coats of spray and then scuffed it up a bit to draw out all those details. I finished it off with a thick clear coat of spray to seal it.

 I found this lamp shade at Ross for $5.99. I am loving all the linen looks lately. This lamp shade has a linen look with flecks of gold .
 I am loving the end result. Perfect for my tv stand. (Watch for a post on that soon too)

Anybody else have refurbish fever?? 


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