Thursday, December 3, 2009


If you are looking for the Make n' Take project, go down to the next post!

Seriously people this next little goody, is extremely easy to make!
It hit me like a ton of bricks while shopping at the local thrift store!

What do you get when you buy these three items?

Let's break them down, shall we?

A wooden salad bowl.....

A wooden salt shaker.....

And a wretch-didly-etched pot wooden/porcelain pot sitter.

Isn't she lovely?

Let me show ya how it is done. Although many of you probably already had that light bulb in your head go on and know how!

First you take the salt shaker out to the trusty ole' shop and with a chop saw (or other cutting device) hack off the top, to make a flat surface.
Like so....

Next I flipped my wooden pot holder over...

Then I added some wood glue to one end of my salt shaker...

Next press it down to your base....

I let the wood glue dry before the next steps.
It dries fast and really sticks too!

After the glue is dry, I placed glue on the bowl and on the flat top of the shaker.

Make sure it is centered!

Wipe away all excess glue and let it dry. I let it dry for a good hour. I placed something heavy in the bowl too so it would be nice and tight.

On to painting

First coat, off white.

Second coat. Just to coat it evenly.

And then I sanded it down until you could see the wood through. I sanded until it was as much wood showing through as I liked!

Then apply a clear coat/protective spray. It will draw out the wood to give it a stained feel and also protect your paint from leaking.

And finished product once again

And the best part.....THE PRICE!!!

I got the bowl and salt shaker for $1.00 each, and the pot holder for .50 cents.

So that is right people....


I had the paint and everything else I used. But even if you didn't it will still be under $5.00.
I saw tons of wooden bowls (wooden is the key) all shapes and sizes. Lots of wooden candlesticks that could be a stick, or even a cheap chair leg. I can't wait to go back and make a few more.

It is perfect for my December Centerpiece and then when I am done it will make a perfect fruit stand!

So run now...go get your "CRAFT" on!!

And if you are wanting another easy "HOW TO" check out my sister site..
she just posted one and it is gorg!!


  1. What type of clear coat are you using, and where do you buy it?

  2. Marissa,

    I mostly use the walmart generic brand for small projects. It is back by the spray paint. I usually get the high gloss clear. It draws out color more. Or if you don't like gloss finish you can buy the matte. It is .98 cents a can and goes far!

  3. Bon, this is a FABULOUS! I love it so much! Such a Brill idea with the salt shaker! I can't wait to make one its so dang cute! Thanks for inspiring me!

  4. Oh Boogs . . . such creative vibrations! You've got craft-craftiness!

  5. That is great. It turned out so chic! Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules


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