Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Entertainment Center

I found this amazing beaut @ the D.I. (local thrift store) for a whoppin' $10.00. 
Seriously, a steal. 
I felt like I was going to be cuffed and locked away 'cause I was getting it for so cheap!
The whole thing was real wood, no veneer- so double score for me!

It was missing a drawer and had some nasty decals that dated it. 
So those were the first things to go!

After lots of sanding, priming, and my hubby making lots of customized pieces, it was ready to paint.
The hub made a top shelf, cut out a backing, and also made a shelf where the missing drawer was.
Such a good slave!
(above pic... is the shelf he added where another drawer should have been)
 Loved this new decal. 
Cost me as much as the hutch though!

I found these beautiful knobs clearanced @ the Home Depot for $6.20 a set.

I painted  the entertainment center country white with the intentions to glaze it as well.
I got out my favorite glaze....
...glazed away, and HATED it. 
I had to repaint over what I had glazed 3 times!

But after more painting it was once again clean and fresh!
After I was done painting my kind Love Buckets (aka my husband) felt sorry for me and told me to go rest and he would poly coat it. This is what I walked upstairs to a little later....
That is my hubby hard at work  poly-coating my entertainment center in his PJ shorts and YES- his desert racing boots. 
I got a good laugh. (he is going to kill me for showing  you all--haha)
I asked him what he was doing and he replied " I needed to try out my new riding boots and feel manly while I helped you with your crafts!"
Oh I LOVE him!!!

Now it is finally ready to assemble!
I had to fix the baskets I bought so they wouldn't scuff up the paint.

A little felt and hot glue did the trick!
 Now to put everything back in it.....
......FINALLY a home for everything again!
(My other hutch was leaning and needs some MAJOR tlc.)

Here is one more before and after, side by side.
A huge THANK YOU also to our friends who helped me lug this puppy from the thrift store home!

I am off to get my package ready for one of you lucky viewers!
Are you excited to see what is in it?
Just a little longer and you will know!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chair Party

As you all know we LOVE chairs! 

So we decided to have a chair party!
So dig out your best chair makeovers and LINK away!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

A little "REDO"

My list has been becoming quite long of all the little things, here and there, that need done or refreshed. 
Is yours?
But I appreciate the New Year 'cause it brings on more motivation to do them!

First off...my BEDROOM.
Just needs a little refreshing!
Found these and knew they would be perfect for my bedroom!

Then I...
-------------Now on to the chair that sits in my bedroom.----
Remember this $3.00 chair I redid over a year ago?
If not, here is the transformation.
Not bad! 

It has gone beautifully in my bedroom, but because I use my personal furniture for photog as well, it gets dirty fast. 
And this time it wasn't coming out!
I then added the vinyl word KISS to the seat, and threw my new pillow on it...

And threw the other new pillow on the bed....
One new pillow and a new (well, new to me...$3.00 DI lamp) totally brightened this bed and end table up!
Perfectly refreshed for the New Year!




Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ways to Display

I am sure YOU have all written down our new years resolutions by now. 
If you are anything like me, you forget as the days go on, some of things that you have written down. 
Ya know that saying "Out of sight, out of mind" ?
Well it is true for my family and I! 
We pulled out our last year goals and each one of us had forgotten a few things we were suppose to be working on.
This year I want my kids to be able to see their goals everyday.
So here are a few fun ways to display your goals!

Pull out some old frames (or pick some up from a thrift store), paint of your choice, and brushes.
Now begin to paint your frames to match your own decor!

Next write down your goals and frame them.
I {heart} their cute hand writing!

Now when we walk by them, we won't forget what we want to achieve!
 The girls like theirs pinned to their board!

And there you have it!
Easy, inexpensive , and Fabulous!