Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shelf Obsession...

As the title suggests, I have been slightly obsessed with these treasures! I have been collecting these shelves left and right, and have finally had the time to put some up. I know that they look extremely DRAB at first sight (for some), but it was complete and utter ♥ for me.

Here is what one looked like before... and After
( *I didn't spend over a $1.00 for any of them, and they are each made out of different materials.)

I used Spray paint and toll paint to create the colors I wanted,

and sanded down the wooden ones after painting them.

Here is where I hung them....
I can see them right as I enter my home, and they make me smile everytime I walk through my front door.

 I ♥ to decorate them with all sorts of odds and ends that I have collected. My artichoke candle stick was found at the DI for only .50 cents, and the old books were just .75 cents a piece.

Hope you are inspired and love this project as much as I do. 

Created By Hanna~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Beast

Man this beast was a bugger! 
I painted it 3 different colors before I ended up with the final product!

can I just tell you how ecstatic I was when I got this. I have always turned green with envy when I hear people saying "I found a great piece of furniture in the trash or some random "for free" pile."
I mean,
I find good deals.
But trust me when I say I search for those deals I find (explained in this blog post).
So I am sure you can imagine my sheer joy and elation when we were helping some  friends move andwhen we were done, this beast was still sitting there.
  I asked what they were going to do with it and my friend said leaving it!

singing in my head!

This bugger was a pain to redo.
It needed lots of sanding, filling, screwing, and pin nailing!
But seriously for $FREE-NINETY-FREE
who cares if ya have to "...put your back into it! "
(Is that song stuck in your head now?tehe)

It went from white to brilliant red, and then to gray.
I had every intention to leave it gray,
but in the process of clear coating and redo the tracks,
I sold the boys set of drawers.
Now I needed in their room, so I changed it to black!
 After seeing the beast in all her colors,
I have realized she was always meant to be black!
It made her look elegant and expensive!

I kept the old hardware.
Something I rarely do. But I was in love with the vintage pulls.
 I spray painted them black, I sanded them down to their original finish to give them a antique feel!
Look at these lines!

And now to display her!
I am in love! 
 On to accessorizing!

Keep checking back!
And happy THRIFTING!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

For the love of Vases

Yes! I will admit that I have a slight OBSESSION, to put it lightly, with vases.
I love all shapes and sizes. 
I seem to have too many just piled up in my "gonna do something with this someday bin".
So you can imagine when  my son came home with this for my Mothers Day present I literally teared up. 
His little 7 year old hands made it all by himself!  Oh, I just love it!
I finally got around to putting it up. I painted it several different times until I decided on black! (Shocker! I know! But hey I LURVE black!)

And I have the perfect spot to display it!  
My favorite vase ever!!
{ Bon }

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thrifty Tip

I don't know about you, but I am constantly changing my mind about decorating. I will find something that works and a year later I am already wanting to do something else. That is why I LURVE decorating on a budget. I can change things occasionally.
So I have had this bedding for about three years now for the boys room.

Don't get my wrong, love Americana colors, but I am SOOOOO over it! Especially after building the boys new bed!
I have had an idea of colors. I knew I wanted orange and black, for sure, but just couldn't seem to find anything that fit into my budget! Everything was either way to expensive to buy two of, or sooooo not my style!

But then I found this beauty!
I loved that it had the colors I wanted, plus more! 
I was instantly in love! 
All the Bed-in-a-Bags were $39.00 no matter what the size. $80.00 isn't bad, and I almost grabbed two twins, when I got another idea. What if I bought a King Size and made two twins?

So I snatched one up.
 When I got it home and pulled it out, I knew that this was the bedding I had been waiting for!
I seriously LOVE it.
But then started to wonder what the heck I was thinking. I mean, I sew straight lines people!
(And if you look close they aren't even straight.)
Why in the world did I think I could do this?
Slight panic set in and then I remembered a fabulous friend  that is a amazing seamstress too!
So I gave her a call!
And she totally rescued me, making my dilemma seem like nothing!
(Oh I just love talented friends, don't you?)

So she cut the bedding in half and used the bedskirt for extra fabric. Which she added to the sides for extra length, making the bedspread long enough to tuck in.

And now two bedspreads for the price of one! Which made each bedspread about $20.00 each!
Total steal!!
Plus I am one of those gals who has to have at least 5-7 sheets per bed. I know crazy, right!?
But I hate having to wait for a sheet to be clean. So the King size sheet that came in this bed-in-a-bag is an extra score for my own room! 

Oh I am sooooo excited to start working on pillows and accessories for this room now!
Can't wait to show you more!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I love school time.
Don't get me wrong, I miss my kids and all, but I do love the structure.
I don't know about you , but with school comes the endless paperwork, reminders, school order forms, and more. My fridge starts looking crazy disorganized like this.....

I am totally cringing that I am even showing you how jumbled and cluttered my fridge gets!
It drives me CRAZY!
And trust me, four kids has somehow fried some of the most important brain cells in my head. Ya know, the ones that help me remember things. 
(O.K. so maybe it isn't the kids, but the Krylon I am always using! TEHE)
So I have been on the hunt for something to help me stay organized!

And look what I found for $1.50!

 A plain wretchedly ordinary  file box!

So I got out my trusty companions.

I spray painted the box with two coats of spray paint. 
Then I found some wrapping paper I had laying around and modpodged the paper on the sides and top.

And finally.....

A perfect place to store the kids homework and school reminders. There is a shelf for each child and one I put their daily chore list in too! 

Ahhhhhhh.........Much better! 
Now I can walk past the fridge without cringing!