Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Elegant Cupcake Stands

Do you want to learn how to make this ELEGANT CUPCAKE STAND?

Just grab...
*a 1x8 slat of wood. (Any sz. slat of wood would work for your bases, it just depends how wide you want it.)
*a 2x2 slat of wood or a decorative spindle
*a pin nailer or wood glue
*paint and stain of your choice
*opt. some sort of finale topper (check your local craft stores)

First cut your two bases (you could do more than two) from your 1x8. I cut one 1ft long and another piece 1 1/2 ft. long to create a staggered effect.

Next take your spindle or 2x2 and cut them to create height in between each base.
I had this spindle laying around and decided to use the ends of it.
Chop into 2 pieces and attach it the like so....
Again if you can't find a spindle I think a 2x2 would work just fine for the middle and topper.
Next I cut my 2x2 into 4 one inch pieces for feet to give it more height.
 Then simply sand and paint. 
I stained over top of my paint as well.
I purchased my finale topper at a local specialty store.If you can't find something similar, get creative and add anything you can think of as a topper.

These are perfect elegant gifts. You could even attach some recipe cards too.
Don't these muffins look divine?
Dutch Apple Cheese Muffins...need I say more?
Click here to get the recipe card from my talented sisters Becca's recipe blog. We like to call her Becky Crocker..tehe.