Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drab to FAB Dresser

I found this dresser online for $40.00. It had a gazillion coats of paint on it and was in need of some serious prep work, but it had pretty good bones. Plus it was all wood, that is always a bonus.

Here is what a did-

1. I cleaned the dresser really well with a little hot soapy water. 
2. I then removed the knobs and sanded it down. Not straight down to the wood, but  I sanded it enough to give it a smooth feel. 
3.Then I wiped it down again with hot water. (You want to make sure to remove all the fine dust particles.)
4. I spray painted the dresser with this-

 It took 4 coats. More than usual, but with all the paint coats it had from previous owners, I wanted to make sure to get it nice and thick.
5. I lightly sanded the dresser again to get rid of any over spray and to give it a shabby feel.
6. I taped off the top of the dresser so I could make stripes.
7. I spray painted the knobs and top stripes with the shiny metallic finish.

8. I applied a spray clear coat to seal the paint. 

And here is the finished product.

And one more side by side..

Happy Crafting,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thrift Store Accesories

There are so many simple ways to accessorize your home on a budget. You can find beautiful pieces that just need  little to no work, to help beautify your home at fractions of the cost.

Here are a few past projects with before and after pictures.

Remember this project?
You can find step by step instructions - HERE

We turned a large thrift store print in a chic' and simplistic statement piece.

Thrift store finds help you to be creative.
You can combine thrift store finds to make something awesome
Find more on this project HERE

From this salt shaker, wooden salad bowl, and hot pot holder
 ...to this!

Remember this fabulous tray?
You can find more on how to make your own HERE

 When you have established what kind of pieces you want in your home. Make a list. Writing it down can help you when you are thrifting to remember what kind of items you are looking for. 

I am always on the look out for vases and pots. I LOVE them! All shapes and sizes. But let's face it- they aren't always in the colors I am wanting. But color is an easy fix. Paint can transform anything.

I found this lovely piece while thrifting with a friend. 
The color isn't awful, it just doesn't match my accent colors in my home.
So I grabbed my favorite green shade of spray paint.

 After a coat of spray it was ready to place above my cabinets.

All of these pieces were found at a thrift store. Including the candles. 
Why spend more, when you can spend less?

So the next time you want to accesorize your home, don't rule out some thrift store finds.
Happy Crafting

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Headboard

This project is fairly simple to tackle.

What you will need

~1 sheet of press board. 
(You could use particle board too. 
Side note- you can find extra press board all the time on construction sites.
 Most construction workers will just let you have it)
~Spray adhesive
{Enough to cover the size of headboard you are making}
~Staple Gun
*Opt.--a husband willing to help 
{I never do projects without mine!}

First off, you will need to decide what size you want your headboard to be.
 I made mine for a twin bed and knew I wanted the edges to come over the bed a bit. So I measured the bed and added 2 inches to each side to figure out my width. 

You also need to decide before-hand what shape of headboard you want. 
There are so many fun shapes to choose from. 
Here are a few of my favs-

It doesn't have to be an exact. 

I can't draw worth beans, so my hubby just free handed the shape I wanted.

Step 8

Mount it to the wall and enjoy!
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Window Seat Update

So I have these beautiful window seats in a few of my rooms.

Not only do the rooms need some paint, white just won't cut it with kiddos, these rooms also need a little updated. 
I think the wood "dates" the house.
So after a bit of research and some prep work, I decided to get this room into shape!

First up, I painted the room. 
A beautiful gray color from Glidden called Pebble Gray.
I am in love with it! Not too blue, not too dark, just fresh and bright!

Next, I removed the cabinet door fronts from the window seat and taped off all the walls and inside of the seat.

 After I had done all the prep work {cleaning the cabinets, taping off the walls, and removing all hardware} I got out all the paint and started.

Gripper is my new favorite thing. I didn't have to sand the cabinets at all. It dries supper fast and adheres easily without scraping.

After two coats of Gripper and 2-3 coats of Satin white paint,  I was ready to drill some holes for hardware.

Have you seen this product from the Home Depot? 
It makes adding hardware easy and even. 

I love the way it turned out.

I used a flat sheet to cover the seat cushion. I had my mom sew me a giant pillow case to fit the bench seat cushion. That way I could easily remove it when it needed washed.

Ahhhhh.....so much better!

This room has a whole new look!