Monday, November 8, 2010

Dollar Store Goodness

Meet one of our other beautiful sisters, Sharla.
She is incredibly gorgeous inside and out. And talented in so many ways!
She came for a little visit and we crafted our eyeballs out! 
So I will be featuring her in my next several posts!

First up....

this dollar store delight.

It looked a little chintzy. But the molding was so beautiful we had to have!

First we got out some trusty supplies. 
My BFF krylon (LURVE this color. It is my new fav.) , some sandpaper, finsh spray, and scrapbooking ink.

Gave this puppy a good spray down.

Then took the frame and gave it a light sanding. 
Then lightly inked over top of it!

(Make sure you finish that off with a clear coat spray to seal in the ink to make sure it doesn't smudge.)

Next we took the backs and cut out scrap fabric to fit the frame and framed it.
And finally, we simply added a scrap booking clear sticker quote onto the top of the glass!

All for the measly price of $2.50.

The great thing about these pieces are you could add vinyl. scrap booking paper, anything really!!