Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Fever Madness

That sun comes out and I am completely at it's mercy. It seems like I can't get enough sunny hours in the day to tackle the MANY projects on my list. I feel like a mad women racing around and grabbing the hoardes of items I have in my spray paint bin. 

I like the black,  but once I have curtains the black won't POP as much as I would like.
 The white will go some much better.

I was able to take this fruit stand and give it a more shabby chic feel with a coat of white spray paint and some light sanding. After I am done sanding I wipe down whatever I am working on with a sponge brush and then clear coat it.

 I am loving this! Now to pick out some fabric and hang some curtains!
I hope you are taking advantage of the sunny skies too!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Picture Frame Makeover

I had to squeeze as many spray painting projects as I possibly could in, yesterday, when we had beautiful weather. My house didn't get cleaned, my bed didn't get made, and to be honest I didn't get ready all day, but I was able to get quite a few projects done. So it felt like it was a "win, win" situation.

Have you visted i heart naptimes site? 
They have some pretty great ideas and some fabulous free printables too!
I found this beautiful printable for my kitchen. 

A guest blogger, Jessica from Pen and Paper Flowers, designed it.

I knew I needed it right away for my kitchen.
So I went out to my trusty frame bin and found a 8x10 frame.
Not a bad color to begin with, but I wanted a white frame.
So I grab some white spray paint {white and black spray paints are great colors to just always keep on hand} and gave this frame a quick coat.
{I am pretty sloppy when I spray paint. Especially when I know I will be sanding what I am working on to antique it. It does not matter if it is perfect }

Here it is, after a light sanding to expose the original frame colors.

After I wiped off the dust with an unused sponge brush, my picture was ready to be framed and displayed.
The best part of this window display is that all the decor was either free or purchased at a thrift shop.
The frame was free { I had it on hand}
The white vase was .75 cents
The greenery was $2.00
The tall green vase was $2.00
The fruit stand was $1.00

Now for some curtains and another beautiful day so I can spray paint the fruit stand as well!

What projects have you been working on?

Until next time,


Monday, February 24, 2014

Display Box {Part 2}

Okay, so I finally have my display box fully decorated for spring. 
You can check out my first post and tutorial here.
 Here is what my box looks like.
 I have wanted to put mason jars in the box so that I would be able to change out the greenery for different seasons.
I don't know about you, but I have COMPLETE spring fever.

 I found 11 jars and decided that I wanted to spray paint them.
After I spray painted my jars, I gave them a light sanding.
I like the antiqued and weathered look.
 I found some geranium bushes at the dollar store that I knew would work nicely.
 The stems were too long, so I simply used a wire cutter to trim the bush down to the right heigth for the jar.
{A good tip to keep your floral in place is to use rice, lentils, or beans in your base to push your stem down into. This will keep your flowers from moving around.}
 I am so happy with the results. 
It makes me anxious for endless summer days, fresh flowers, and sun-kissed skin.

Now I am off to enjoy the rest of this fairly nice weather we are having! 


Friday, February 14, 2014

February Free Printable

I have good intentions to post these printables before the actual month you need them. {Sigh}
There is always next month, right? 

Here is your February free Printable. This is for a 4x6 or 5x7 size.
Simply right click and save.

I am loving mine.

Keep checking back for more!

Friday, January 10, 2014

January Free Printable

Here is your free Drab to Fab Printable for January. Perfect for a teacher gift or for your own mantle display!
I am loving this quote!

Here is your
5x7 Printables
{Simply right click, click "save image as" and save it to your computer}

Enjoy your January!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Display Box {Part 1}

I have seen so many beautiful different types of display boxes all over the world wide web and knew I wanted to make one for my kitchen table. I wanted it to be as cheap as I could possibly make it and something that could be versatile.

Here is what you will need
*1x4 {you could use 1x6 too if you wanted a wider box}
*Pin nailer {or if you don't have a pin nailer, wood glue would work too}
*Chop Saw or Jig Saw
*A man slave {optional} tehe

First determine how long you would like your box. I wanted mine to be fairly long since it would be displayed across the length of my kitchen table.
 Once you know how long you would like your box, cut 3 pieces that same length.
One piece is for the base and the other 2 for the long sides.
Next, using, the rest of your 1x4, cut your ends. Simply measure how long to cut them. 
Once you have all your pieces cut out, pin nail or wood glue one long side to the base and your side piece and then repeat.

 Your box should look similar to this when you are finished assembling.

 Here is the bottom side view
 Remember to sand your project really well before you paint it. When I am done sanding I like to take a sponge brush and brush off all the excess dust. 
I painted my box white and then antiqued it with stain.
I then rummaged through my knobs and handle bin {I put all leftover hardware in a bin from refurbish projects, so that I always have some on hand} and hot glued them on.
YES, that's right, hot glued.
You could screw them in, but I just wanted to be done quickly.

I love the finished project. 
The apples won't be staying in the box for long. I made it wide enough for mason jars and plan to change out the decor and greenery for different seasons. 
So part 2, will be what goes in the box. 
Watch for that!
Happy Crafting

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Free Printable

Here is our December Free Printable for your teacher's gifts. Or if you don't have kids in school, this printable is great for your own home decor too! 

Here it is, displayed on my entry table for all to see. 
Happy Holidays!

Simply "Save Image As" and then print at your favorite place!
Merry Christmas!