Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ledge Shelf

Have you seen the wonderful ledge shelves all over pinterest? I believe I saw a ledge shelf first on Shanty 2 Chic . I knew right away that I HAD TO HAVE ONE.
  I have this lovely wall that has given me so much heart ache and confusion. 

The angle has made me second guess everything I have considered putting there. 
But when I came across a few different styles of ledge shelves, I knew it would work perfectly. I could mount the shelf to the wall, centered, but use frames to stagger the heigth to work with the wall. 

My sister, Hanna, also recently added 4 gorgeous ledge shelves to her home. When I saw them in person I knew that I was on the right track and seeing her's only solidified my decision.

This is what I used.

{2} 8ft 1x4's
{1} 1x2 
Pin Nailer

YEP, that's it! Super easy!!
Of course I  opted to use my "man slave" --haha--that cute hubby of mine is pretty darn handy.

This is how you assemble it...

You could easily wood glue it too if you don't have a pin nailer.

Next mount it to your wall. We pin nailed it right into the studs.
{Sorry--this next pic is a "dumb phone" picture}

I have a frame bin. It is sad how obsessed I am with frames. I love oval frames, square frames, antique frames, pretty much any kind. So I buy lots at the thrift stores, because they always come in handy. I had everything already on hand that I used to decorate my shelf.
 I just simply spray painted a few items {ivy leaf is the green I used here} and framed some printables. 

 Doesn't it look perfect there? I am in love with it.

The best part is how narrow it sits to the wall.

 I love that you can see it from the front room too!
 {Yes, my daughter is feeding a baby sheep}

One more view...

See that banister? Well that is an upcoming post soon too! It is time for it to go bye bye.
Happy Crafting everyone.
Enjoy your week!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Refurbish FEVER

Some people get spring fever, I just tend to get REFURBISH FEVER. The sun comes out to play with it's glorious rays of goodness and I just want to spray paint, hammer, sand, just about everything in sight! 

My cousin, Ashlyn, and I spent an afternoon exploring the many thrift stores in this area. And oh my goodness, I found WAY too many treasures. (Well, they WILL be treasures when I am finished with them) 

I saw this lamp and wanted it instantly.
 The details on this lamp are so beautiful.

I don't think the original look is awful. I toyed with the idea to leave it, since gold is really trendy right now, but finally came to the conclusion to do it a crisp white finish . I gave it two coats of spray and then scuffed it up a bit to draw out all those details. I finished it off with a thick clear coat of spray to seal it.

 I found this lamp shade at Ross for $5.99. I am loving all the linen looks lately. This lamp shade has a linen look with flecks of gold .
 I am loving the end result. Perfect for my tv stand. (Watch for a post on that soon too)

Anybody else have refurbish fever?? 


Friday, February 13, 2015

Drab to Fab Vanity

 I knew I wanted a vanity for one of my girls rooms. I searched high and low for the just the right piece.  I finally found this piece on craiglist for $30.00.

 I knew with a little hard work and a fresh coat of paint, it would work perfectly.

I first cleaned the piece really well and disassembled all the bolts. I then gave it two coats of spray paint!

I LOVE this spray!! It goes on thick and wonderfully!

I also reupholstered the seat fabric.
I simply stapled the fabric to the bottom base of the seat.

I love the transformation of drab pieces to gorgeous pieces!

 I love seeing the before picture right by the after!
Spray paint and craigslist are such wonderful things!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Gold Fever

I can't get enough of the gold trend! I find myself searching for any little trinkets that would look lovely with a new layer of gold spray. 

I found this little glass owl at the DI for  .25. 
Score, right!?
{Don't mind my cell picture for the before. My cell phone should be at the DI. It is ancient.}

THIS.... my new favorite spray paint!!
I did a rough coat! I wanted it to look a bit cracked and weathered.

 Oh lala!!
Now I am off to find something else to splash with gold!

Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

EAT Sign

Seriously my house is so empty. I have so much work to do to feel some of these voids. 
I was so excited about having kitchen cabinets I could decorate above. But I do admit, they are a bit overwhelming to me now.

I knew I wanted a large EAT sign, but couldn't find one simplistic enough for my taste. I found a perfect frame with great structure for $2.00. 

I made a simple 11x14 chalkboard EAT sign.
{Simply right click and "save image as" to use this free printable too. My gift to you!}

I then spray painted the gold frame with this spray paint.

I do love how it turned out. 
Perfect for the empty space above my microwave cabinet!

Happy Crafting,

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Tad Obsessed..

I am a tad  obsessed.
OKAY, maybe A LOT obsessed, with two things.
Picture frames and printables.
Can a girl really have too many? 
I can't pass up a picture frame with great structure to save my life. 

{I apologize about the before picture taken with my "dumb" phone. My camera has been on hiatus and I am starting to really want it back! Sigh.}
I scored this chunky beauty for $2.00

A little spray paint and some light sanding can turn any wretched old frame into a fun new piece.
I wish I could give credit to the maker of this printable. I found it on Pinterest but it isn't attached to a link. Isn't it the most adorable print ever?

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick and Easy Bathroom Accessories

Now that school is back in session I feel motivated to paint this white house of mine. I have picked out paint colors, purchased everything I need, and am about ready to finally start some projects.

Between the painting, I can't help but do little things here and there. I have a whole bin of projects I can't wait to get to.
We all know that I love spray paint.
 I have been getting so anxious to spray paint something. It has been far too long. 

Here is a quick, inexpensive, and easy way to accesorize any room.
Have you been saving all your old cans and glass bottles? You really should start. 
The possibilities are endless! I have been working on lots of little projects that involve tin cans and glass bottles. 

First up a worcestershire bottle.
I peeled off all the labels. And then soaked the bottle in dawn dish soap and water to help all the sticky parts come off easily. I simply spray painted the outside of the jar! And finished it up with some light sanding and a clear coat of spray too.

 Here is the finished bottle.

 Then, I just added a dollar store stem flower.
Easy, right?

My next project to help accessorize my bathroom was this frame.

Have you tried this gold metallic spray paint? It is AMAZING!
I can't get enough of gold right now!
The coverage is even and thick. So it only ever takes one coat. It covered up the words "25th anniversary" ,on the frame, with no problem.
After I spary painted the frame. I printed out this printable I designed.
{Simply click on the image, right click on "Save image as" and save to your computer}

It is a amazing how a couple small accesories can brighten up a little corner. 
Perfect for my girl's bathroom.
Don't ya think?