Sunday, January 31, 2010

Applique Onesies

My TrUesT just had her first baby, and I wanted to surprise her with something extra special...
for her little Miayah. So I WHIPPED up some holiday long-sleeved Onesies...

First... pick through your material scraps (or get some) to find what you are looking for.
2nd...iron fabric pieces to "Wonder Under" (then cut out desired shape) 
ThiRd...iron shape to Onesie, and sew around the edges.

The thing to remember is to lay out the pieces how you desire them, AND then iron each piece separately and sew. This way they lay right and you have the dimensions that look SUpEr CuTE!

I added some extra LOVE to this one with an arrow that goes through the heart and then some ribbons, knotted and sewn. 
PERFECT for Valentines Day!

On to March 17th and a cute Leprechaun...I like to call Lucky!

Do you think she'll like???

WHAT do you think?

Order yours now and have it for that cute kid on V-Day... send me an email!
~$10 for 0-12 months (long-sleeved Onesies)
~$12 for 1-5 years old...on a cute tee.!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Silk Flower Power

I have been wanting to make silk flower pieces for awhile now!
 Ever since my friend, April, was sporting one on a headband in her hair. I had barely met her through our craft night, so obviously I was hesitant to ask her how she did it. ! I was afraid she would horde her secrets. But she totally didn't and told me what fabric she used  and how she just burnt the edges.
I should've asked for specifics, but just decided to make it up as I went along. I have been working on my own version of these but you can find lots of sites online that show you how to do it!
Linda over at Craftaholics Anonymous even  posted a tutorial! Sweet!

(we just folded our fabric and cut out a circle. Do this several times so you have a few to layer. . I stitched some in the middle, and some I just added a brad. Just whatev!)

There are so many ways you can use these, and this is what we came up with...


I dug through my own DI bin and pulled out a shirt to Re-fashion
Just simply adding two for these flowers totally changed this!


 hippie bands...

And we also had the idea to attached them to a necklace.
I had a necklace I had made out of sheer zebra fabric awhile back, but it never looked quite right.
Now it does....



This pearl necklace was in my daughters dress up bucket! I used beads from brocken necklaces, and just hot glued them to the center of each flower.

and a bracelet....

It is amazing what some fabric, a lighter, and a brad or two can do.
Isn't it?
We Can't wait to make some more, you should try it too!


Friday, January 29, 2010

From Drab 2 Drama...

I found this little delite for $4.00 at the DI!

Can You believe it, Just $4.00! I love it when they don't over price!

So, I started by unscrewing the seat from the chair frame!
This is where a little elbow grease is needed!
I washed, and scraped off things that I couldn't describe, nor do I want to. ( Then I washed and scrubbed myself for about 10 minutes, GROSS!)

After the frame was clean, the seat was in need of some TLC. Lucky for me they just tacked this part, which made it a cinch to take off. SCORE!

Then I took it outside for a few coats of black spray paint.

I also spray painted the chair frame a deep plum. That's right, SPRAY PAINTED!!! I get away with it as much as possible! It was $3.34 at Walmart.

Next, to accessorize? Oh, So Many Choices!

I Chose this BEAUT! ( frame also found at the DI for fiddy Cent! SAWEET!)

Take the glass out, and spray the frame black!
( I had to spray about three layers to cover that silver. For some reason It didn't want to stick!)

When the seat is dry, cut your fabric about an 1 1/2 inches longer than all sides, fold them up, and tack them down.
( Fabric from Walmart, on sale for $2.22 a yard!)

Isn't she sweet?

Did you forget about the eye candy? I used the same fabric inside the frame. Just cut it down to size!)

Attach frame with Gorilla Glue, tilt back, and let dry.

Total Drama, RIGHT?

 I Just love the way it turned out! What do you think?

I have a few more chairs in my basement just begging to be revamped, and now I can't wait!

All for only $10.06!!! Isn't the DI FABULOUS?

I also wanted to let everyone know, WE GOT FEATURED again! My sisters Mod Podged THESE Fabulous books, So Cute right? We are just so sxcited to be featured again, EEEEK! Thanks to Kimm @ Reinvented, we are still freaking out!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old Metal Filing Cabinet Re-Vamp

$3 dusty old filing cabinet at DI.

To Re-vamp all you need is:
*your trusty old tote's of 12X12 paper
*pick you favorite mismatched pieces... (I like to go RAnDoM)
*Mod Podge/ paint brush

And Vvwaa-LA.....

And Full View of Top and Front....
I kept the sides and edges black, because I liked the contrast.