Monday, June 22, 2009

About Me

I am a wife, and a stay at home mommy to three, but the more popular titles for which I am known, are chauffeur, wardrobe coordinator, hairdresser, personal chef, playmate, and the ultimate diaper genie. There is never a dull or quiet moment in my household, but I couldn't imagine it any other way.
I believe that your home is a place to practice freedom of expression, and that it should speak to others about who you are, and what you love. I have such a love for life, and feel inspired by so many things. I am a dedicated thrift shopper/garage sale queen, and love to find the potential in everyday things. I love to refurbish, revamp, refashion, and add more character to my home through my various endeavors. I find joy in the simple pleasures of life, and hope to uplift and inspire others.


"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul...Everyone can create!  You don't need money, position, or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty...The more you trust and rely upon the spirit the greater your capacity to create." -Pres. Uchtdorf

I use to have a mind that was crazy with ideas with sewing, crafts, art projects for kids, POWER TOOLS, but I didn't know how to express and show them.  I had a friend I idolized and I asked her one day how she could be so talented, and she said "There is nothing we cannot ask the Lord for, and I ask often?"  And so I did...and the rest is history.  You can do ANYTHING by involving a greater power than your own!!!!


About Us

We are sisters & stay at home mommies who love to create, inspire, and motivate others.

We hope by doing this blog we can help others see the potential in things they may not have, spend less, and think outside the box!

Who says you can't have fine dining taste on a hot dog budget?