Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Craft

SO FIRST I want to send you over to....Just a Girl  to show you where I got the idea. I LOVE TO GIVE CREDIT...even if she didn't make it she inspired me.
So I just told you how I make a Stamp...refer HERE if you didn't catch that one
The web was HARD...but worth the effort.
So I made a Web and Spider Stamp and stamped them randomly on my LARGE BoARD and SMALL board...just scraps of 1X10 I had laying around...(which i painted black and grey)
Then I used my NIFTY White Marker Pen to write "And...along came a spider"
Next steps...SAND to desired liking..I LIKE IT ROUGH!
Then Stain with desired stain....
Put a hanger on it and DECORATE that front porch.
This cute Witch and the word SPOOKY are originals of mine and I LOVE HER...isn't she cute?
Have a SPOOKY Halloween and get your SPIRIT on!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obsessed with and GIVEAWAY

I am slightly obsessed with the fabric flowers we showed you how to make in this post
The possibilities are completely endless!

The thing I love the most about the fabric flowers is how versatile they are. 
Just to show you a few.......

Here I  just made a cluster of fabric flowers and hot glued them down on a ribbon to make a belt.

And look what that one thing can do! 
 A headband.
You can tie it under the hair, which I love a a younger child . Or under the chin which gives a hat affect for a baby!

We use fabric flowers as hair clips, hippie bands, hats, broaches,  and transform clothing with them!

And here is a men's wife beater that I added flowers to around the neckline.
The shirts and tanks are so fun to do! 

And more head pieces, perfect for photog and my girls!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just another Chair Revamp...

I get absolutely GIDDY over a good chair find. This fabulous find was only $6.00 at our DI. It is so hard to find anything under $10.00 anymore, so I was elated to find such a treasure! Seriously though, DI's prices are sky rocketing, and IT MAKES ME FUME! Does anyone else feel that the prices are ReDIC?
I had a photo shoot that day, and needed to find a piece of furniture to complete the look I was going for. When my eagle eye spotted this beaut, I was immediately thinking of the possibilities! If I painted it black, I could change the seat cover as many times as I wanted for different photo shoots. "Totally Brill" right? 

I actually thought it wasn't too DRAB before, but it needed to be updated!

1st I took off the seat, and spray painted it black!

After a few coats, and while it was drying, I cut my fabric for my new seat cover. Then i stapled it in place!

When the seat was dry, I screwed it back in place and .....VIOLA..... A new an updated chair!

I ♥ the transformation, and can't wait to use this chair again and again!
Here are some pics of the shoot! You can view More HERE!

Now it's your turn to go out and find something FABULOUS!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Who's got SCHOOL Spirit? My kids do...

I have a hard time paying $10 for a wretched school t-shirt,so I decided to MAKE MY OWN!My kids came home telling me their Teachers & Friends wanted their shirts, and were asking where I bought them. Not to brag or anything! :O)
Items Needed:
-foam sheets with sticky side (craft section at Walmart)
-Shirt or whatever you decide to stamp on
-White Vinegar in spray bottle
-hot iron
-Any Acrylic Paint

First: find your design and trace it on the foam and cut it out and place on flat peice of wood

2nd: Apply generous amount of paint, Stamp on Clothing. I always step on the stamp to make sure it REALLY sinks into the material.

3rd: Spray with Vinegar and let it dry and then Iron on HIGH for 3-5 minutes
(Note to self: Continually move the iron)

I let my kids wear them before I wash them... usually because I whip them out the night before they need them. :O)

I love how the eagle stamp turned out!

Check out the Furniture I stamped  HERE
Good Luck!

~By Ali