Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Printables for the Entry Way

See this space?

I knew a wanted a simple 3 picture collage.
One big picture of the kids or our family, and a simplistic quote or saying to each side.  I found the frames and hastily filled the space, but I never really LOVED the printables.
I wanted something with deeper meaning. That's when these lyrics hit me.

Have you heard the song "Families can be Together Forever?" 
It is from the LDS children's hymn book.
It is my families favorite song to sing on our family night. I often find the lyrics running through my head throughout the day. 

The first verse says
"I have a family here on earth,
they are so good to me.
I want to share my life with them,
through all eternity."

I don't know why I hadn't thought of incorporating the lyrics before. But when the idea came to me, I knew it was what I wanted for each said of the main picture.
I took the last 2 lines and created (2) 5x7 chalkboard printables.

You can enjoy them too!
Simply right click and "save image as" and then upload to your favorite print shop to print!

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Organized Computer Space and REDO

I could shoot myself in the eyeballs with a bee bee gun for not taking a "before" picture of the hutch I just redid. I found this piece for $15 at a yard sale.

 It was originally black, the owner had spray painted it a robin egg blue but the paint must have dripped and dried that way 'cause it had a rough texture.
 I didn't care. I knew I needed it. The price was right, my computer space has been giving me anxiety attacks, and it was all wood. (BONUS)
Plus, it was in decent shape and really just needed cleaned, sanded, and repainted. 

Here is a small look at what I was dealing with before.
(I obviously didn't document this space well either.  I am sure because it always felt cluttered and messy. No matter how clean it was. A bee bee gun shot to the eye may have been better than taking a real picture of this space-haha)

Look behind these two. (Don't mind them- they were pretty excited about the football game they were watching)

Can you see all the files, etc. back there?
That is where my computer desk sat. 

Here is one more to show you how cluttered it always looked.

I knew I wanted a hutch/armoire.
Armoires are great items of furniture to organize a space. They provide the option to close off the clutter and add additional space to decorate!
I am a sucker for a good armoire. I like the elegant feel and the ability to close off all the paper clutter.

You can see more armoire redo's here and here .
( I actually have before and after pictures for these)

So buying this piece was a no brainer.


My hubby and I simply cleaned it, sanded it down, and painted it white. 

I am loving it! 
More updates on the inside refinish soon! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Laundry Room Shelf

When I stumbled across this picture on pinterest I knew I needed a shelf above my washer and dryer as well.

 (No photo credit, the link just goes to the picture, not a site. So if you know where this pin came from please share!)

I have had this problem in my washroom.

It is not horrible from this view, but it definitely bothers me from the above picture.
Plus, let's be real for a second- look closely back there.
Can you see the places that aren't painted?
 I know, total lazballs of me,  but who really looks behind a washer and dryer?!

 I decided that an added shelf was a brilliant idea.
Not only to fill the gap but to hide my laziness. 

What you will need

(1) 1x8
(1) 1x2
Jigsaw or chop saw
(2) shelf brackets.

First measure your space,- width and length.
 My space was wide so I purchased a 1x8. You may need a smaller or wider board.
My friend, Brenda, had a brilliant idea to add a lip to the front of the shelf so nothing falls off or behind the washer and dryer. 
So I also purchased a 1x2, cut my boards to the length I needed, and assembled them like so.
( I say "I" , but really my sweet honey did most of the work. I  mostly bossed- that is important work too! wink wink )

His exact words today " I like helping you build things."
YEP- he is a keeper!!

After the shelf was sanded and painted it was ready to have the wall brackets attached.

And now ready to screw to the wall.
See that lil' guy behind there? He was more than willing to clean the dust that was back there.

EASY PEASY right!?
Now to just stand back and admire 

 I love that it filled that weird gap between the wall and the machines.