Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 1 Super Simple....Shutter RE-DO!

1- Go to your favorite THRIFTY STORE (possessing the POWER of the SECRET)
2- FIND 2 sets of SHUTTERS for $2
3- Take the shutters apart and spray paint them BLACK-ITTY...BLACK!
(if you possess the half nelly spirit like me...just spray paint 1 one is going to see the other side since it is on your wall!!!!)
#4 Sand to your LIKING!!!

#5 buy a wreath...or just find one at DI for $1...and one big enough you can cut it in half and make 2 wreaths...SCORE!!!!

SWEET a perfect REFINISHED gift for my bestest friend and I ONLY SPENT 75 cents....CRAZY!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spray Paint

I don't think we can stress enough on here the JOYS OF SPRAY PAINT, or any other paint for that matter.
It can transform even the smallest trinkets.

Take these small, rather outdated, owls my cousin sent to me. 
Cute, but not anything I would want to display.
I grabbed out these colors of spray paint.

 Gave these owls a quick coat of lovely Krylon color, and presto chang-o
( I have been wanting to say that forever)
Now they are cute enough to go in my boys room.
 Happy Spray Painting Everybody!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet Katie

Oh we are so excited to have our baby sister joining Drab to Fab with us! 
We hope you will take the time to welcome our sisters and get to know them too!

 Hi my name is Katie.

Growing up in a large family I never really expressed myself through what my 'space' looked like. What Space? :) 
Now that I am a homeowner, wife, and mother, I've found there is a certain satisfaction that comes in making your home a place that is uniquely YOU!!! I absolutely love spending time in my home, surrounded by the ones I love.

I frequently get inspired by magazines/books/shows/blogs/websites and of course my beautiful sisters, and then tweak it to fit my home & personality. Reading, thrifting, finding bargains, singing, couponing, spending time with family, scrap-booking, and creating are some of my favorite things! Being a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints greatly enriches my life and makes me want to be the best homemaker/creator/problem solver I can be.

I agree with Antoine de Saint-Exupery when he said
"True Happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the ZEST of CREATING things new."

My hope is for my home to be a place to INSPIRE and ENRICH the lives of those who enter.

I am equally excited to join my sisters at Drab to Fab and have this opportunity! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Sharla

Meet our beautiful sister Sharla. 
We are so excited to introduce you to her and two more of our beautiful sisters (soon).

                                 Hi my name is Sharla.                                                         
  My FAMILY and my HOME    is a haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace,  and most of all a harbor of love.

    I am blessed to be a mother to three boys who fill my life with so many positive things and who help define and strengthen me to be who I am.
    I feel a sense of gratitude to live in a time, day , and age where we have so many opportunities to express ourselves,be inspired, inspire others, make a difference, build, shape, let our voices be heard and ultimately create who we are.
    My current inspirations help to provoke my interests, that are are quilting, crafting,cooking, all things preparedness, sewing, my family, coupon-ing, thrift shopping, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, refurbishing,  and I love, love all things music.
    Thanks for taking a moment to get to know a bit of me. :)
A wise man once said great words of inspiration  MAKE IT HAPPEN 
and I hope you do just that!
I am excited to share this blog with my sisters and be a part of DRAB to FAB! 
I am equally excited to get to know some of our viewers and feel inspired.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put your FASHION foot Forward

In addition to all the other wonderful topics and authors we are adding, 
we are going to add FASHION as well.

So here is a quick tutorial on how to make a thrift store piece look good.

 Sewing doesn't stop me though!!

I am a sucker for mu-mu's! They have this strange power over me.
I know totally ridic right!?
I am sure it is the loud, obnoxiously weird patterns, and bright vivid colors that
TOT-ally fits my personality.
A little loud, a little strange (ok, maybe a lot),
and totally off the wall!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refurb'd End Tables

My NEWEST Sister-in-law (in the COON CLAN) wanted end tables for their apartment, and LUCKY ME I had two that I had bought when I stayed with Bonnie, that I got at her DI for a WHOPPIN' (Cha ching )$4
They Smelt like a cat had been sleeping on them for a couple years...BUT NO BIGGY!
So FIRST I took the handles off...I kept mine and spray painted them BLACK!!!
#2  Washed them REALLY good
#3 Sanded them a little (really just a little, I HATE SANDING, that's the half-way-Nelly  in me)
#4 Painted them with 3 coats of Walmart Brand BLACK paint
#5 Tried to be done (but I couldn't do it.....)
#6 GAVE IN and Sanded the edges! 
(I couldn't give someone a gift that I truly couldn't love without roughing it up a bit)

The perfect HOME-REFURB'D Wedding gift!
At the perfect price of $4...since I already had spray paint and black paint!
( I did get them a nice cozy blanket and a movie package to make up for my CHEAP WAYS )

Linking up to....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Announcements and Winner

We have a few FABULOUS announcements to make at DRAB to FAB.
 First off, we will be adding more authors, oh yes,  all our sisters! There are 6 girls total in our family!
So why not add them all!
  We will starts introducing one sister at a time.
In addition to drab to fab makeovers, we will occasionally share favorite recipes, organizational "how-to's", and of course more of our spunky crazy personalities!

Isn't that exciting!?

And now onto our first package winner!


Thank you for following and being a valued reader!
Your package will contain.

 Congrats to our first package winner!
 The next two package winners will be announced shortly!