Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thrift Store Secrets

Do you remember this post?  Frequenting the DI/Thrift Stores
A post that gives tips on how to get good deals at your thrift stores. 
Well here's another little thrift store secret.
I know you are probably all shopped out from Thanksgiving goodness to Christmas goodies, but seriously THIS is the time to hit the thrift stores. 
You might be thinking "What? This girl is crazy!"
But it is true! 
Think about it. Everyone is getting rid of "the old, to make room for the new."
Look at my pile to take to the thrift store just after cleaning out closets to make some room for the kids new Christmas Clothes and toys....
I SCORE every year at the thrift stores after the holidays.
From furniture, to clothing, to toys galore, and household items! I swear after the holidays I find some of the best prices too. I don't know if it is because of the large quantities of donations or what, but save your pocket change 'cause you might just score big!

You may score something so this....

 My sister Sharla found this piece!
As Napoleon Dynamite would say "Lucky!"

What are you waiting

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do it yourself TREE DECOR!!!

So, this has four D to F ideas all wrapped up into one.  Each are do it yourself Ideas for your Christmas Tree.

#1:  Break down a wreath and use individual pieces as decoration.  
#2: Cereal Box Stars  
#3: Scrabble words
#4: Bird Nest Topper

Got a wreath made up of these sprigs all woven together for $2 at the D.I. This is what it looks like broken down to it's most basic piece.
I used most of the wreath for my Pot Rack about two years back but still had a bag full of  extras!

Remember these?  Look back at THIS post for instructions! It seemed too plain.  I wanted it to POP!!!
After you've made these stars, grab some Elmers Spray Ahesive & A large jar of clear glitter from JoAnnes!

Spray your star, cover in glittler.  Shake off Excess and VIOLA!  (WARNING: the spray adhesive is very tacky  so make sure you lay something under the product you are spraying.  Especially because it has a lot of overspray!)

So Glittery!!!

Scrabble Decor.  Super Simple.
#1: Lay out your letters
#2 Hot Glue them Together
#3 Hot glue a piece of twine for your hanger
#4- Hot glue a piece of ribbon over twine on back (see pic below)

Adding the ribbon strip guarantees that if your scrabble ornament happens to break,  no pieces will be lost!!!

Bird next for top of my tree.  It was actually a wicker ball that I shaped into a nest.  Sprayed it with spray adhesive and rolled it around in the left over glitter from my stars from above.   Added a little bird that was on a random piece of holiday decor I already owned.

Had to show you this super cute tree skirt my amazing friend Briana MADE!  She gave it to me last year as a Christmas Present (Seriously?  I was in heaven!!!)

Finished Tree. It was fun to drape my bead garland from the top instead of wrapping it around the tree!!!  The tree is still pretty bare, but it's the first year I've made my own decor, and it was super inexpensive.  Most of the items I already had lying around the house.

Speaking of D.I... if you wanna see us sisters find a bargain, check out our D.I. blog HERE!!!
Hope this helped get your creative juices flowing to make your tree one of a kind!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season

One of the best things about Christmas time and this Holiday Season is that peoples hearts are more turned to do good. Service is rampant. Charity abounds. And all sorts of good people reach out to others in need.

We know that a lot of readers come from the Eastern Idaho area and thought we would share a sad story that we had recently heard about.
(Click hear to read Barry and Karin's story)
A fundraiser has been set up to help out this family with hospital/surgery funds and we wanted to spread the word!

This Thursday, December 15th, there will be a fundraiser dinner @ Sugar Salem High School in Sugar City, Idaho.. It will go from 6-9 PM. The cost is $7.00 per person or $30.00 per family. There will also be a silent auction. 
All proceeds will go to Karin and Barry to help with hospital/surgery costs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree

Is your Christmas Tree up yet? Do you change it year to year or keep it the same?
I love Christmas Trees.
Hunting down the perfect tree each year in the snow with the family, putting it up inside my home,
and deciding what ornaments to use.

I add a little every year and take a way a little every year. I wish I could walk through everyone's homes and see what gorgeous ideas they have done for their trees!

It amazes me that this.....
 Can turn slowly into this....

Now I feel  100% ready for Christmas to come!
When the tree is up I can enjoy the rest of the Holiday season.
Are you enjoying yours?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Joy of Spray Paint

Here is another quick chair makeover!
I got two of these chairs from a neighbor who was tossing them out.
I gave them each a light sanding and wiped them down.
This chair I choose to do a rich red. 
It took  two cans of this goodness, but it was worth it!
And now I have a perfect chair for me and for photog!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Deadly Dangerous STAIRCASE

Are you scared yet? 
Well you would be if you ever came into my house with wet shoes and discovered these Six dangerous little buggers!  Look at those slippery steps waiting to make you fall!
  We have priced redoing the stairs and removing the tile but it is too expensive for now, so we thought up many inexpensive solutions.
We have ranged from plastic stair treads all the way to that sandpaper stuff on skate boards. LOL  Finally, we found these rolls of thin indoor /outdoor carpet. We (by we I mean me! My hubby had good intentions to help me... lol) cut the roll to the desired length/ width and applied this amazing sheet flooring adhesive.

sprained leg and concussion say goodbye!!

 I also added a few stencil designs just to add a little bling :)
Don't you just love?

 Horray for non slip surfaces!
And a new fancy staircase!