Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Free LDS Printables

I {heart} the LDS General Women's Conference. I always leave feeling so uplifted and renewed, ready to tackle life's worries and woes, and more willing to serve others around me. 

All the talks were wonderfully delightful. 

I also {heart} printables.
So I made a few from my favorite quotes from the evening.

Feel free to right click on the image/s of your choice and "save image as" . Then upload them to your favorite site to print .

This first one was from Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk, you can find his beautiful message here 

4x6 File Size

5X7 File Size

8x10 File Size

This quote was taken from Carol F. McConkie's talk - you can listen to it here.

4x6 or 5x7 print

And one more from Rosemary M. Wixom - you can listen to her remarks here.

4x6 file size

Hope your day is fabulous.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Golden Pumpkin

I have this beautiful fall wreath on my door.
It drew me in the moment I saw it. The flecks of gold and bronzes mixed with fall colors appealed to me. 
 Exactly my style.

But I realized ,after I did my pumpkin candy holders, I needed a little contrast.

So I bought a lovely pumpkin.

The only problem was the orange pumpkin was all wrong against my bronze mum holders and the gold flecks in the wreath. 

I loved the look of the "gold leafing" on the pumpkins on the wreath and decided to try to mimic that.

So I spray painted the pumpkin. 
The problem , now, was it was too gold. 

 I grabbed some sand paper and, while the spray paint was still tacky, lightly sanded the pumpkin down. 
Sanding while the paint was tacky made the paint fleck off and look more like a rub, instead of a  paint. Exactly what it needed.

 It added the perfect contrast to my porch.

Is fall underway in your home too?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pumpkin Candy Holder Revamp

You can find  these candy holders cheap at almost any thrift store.
I paid 50 cents for each of these . (I know what you are thinking -big spender- rigghhtttt!? ) 

I have been wanting to make pots  out of them for my porch. So I spray painted them both white.

They weren't bad, but they weren't right either.
 I was SURE I wanted them to be white, but they just looked chintzy to me. So I decided to spray them again using a Hammered Rust-oleum spray paint.
WOW -- that made all the difference. 

Once they were painted and dry, I drilled a few small holes in the bottom and planted some mums in them! 

 OH, I am loving them!

 Seriously, this $1.00 transformation was well worth it!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Upcycled Cheese Cloche

I have been looking for one of these for, like, EVER!!!

The possibilities for a cheese cloche (none of which include any cheese for me) are endless.
I scored this one for $2.00 at the DI. 
I am still on the hunt for several more, but for now, one will have to do.

I simply pulled out my trusty can of spray paint and gave the base a good coat..

Then I sanded it down, washed the glass, and it was ready to display. 
Just in time for my fall entry table.

 And of course a side by side.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Entry Way and Front Room Update

So when I moved in to this house all the walls were white. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE WHITE, but kids and white walls really don't mesh. I have  slight , okay who am I kidding, major OCD and I think the white walls may very well have been the death of me. Those tiny peanut butter hand prints all over the place just weren't cohesive with my decor. 

The painstakingly loooooonnnngggg process of choosing a paint color was hard. I am loving all the griege colors that are out, but every time I sampled a greige it made the undertones in my kitchen cabinetry look more yellow. {YIKES} And I have these beautiful vaulted ceilings so it needed to be a color that could go throughout all the main living areas. 
I am pretty sure I tried 10 different colors on the wall. That is when I called up my friend, Lisa, in desperation.( She is pretty much a paint color expert.) I told her my dilemma, that I wanted greige but it didn't work. She very simply stated..."you can choose a griege that belongs more in the tan family but without yellow undertones.
" UHHHH HELLO! Why didn't I call her sooner?? 

Then she said the best thing ever- "Bonnie, try Sherwin Williams Loggia. It is beige, with a little gray tone." 
I ran right out and bought a sample can. 
Guess what??
 I was instantly in LOVE.

It was exactly what I wanted. 
Not too dark, no hues of yellow, warm and cool, and bright n' fresh. 
I am positive she is a color master! I know who I am turning to for a paint dilemma next time. 
(Sherwin Williams Loggia -SW7506)

With my paint color decided, I was ready to tackle this project. Well, maybe just THINK about it.

I wish I could say I was 100% ready to go, but let's face it, painting overwhelms me. Thank goodness for my good friend Brenda. She gave me some (much needed) gentle nudging to start the process. She helped me every step of the way. 
SERIOUSLY-- I have some pretty amazing friends!!

I knew I wanted to add paneling, to the entry way wall. 
Like my husband and I did on our laundry room project -

So we bought 2 sheets of white paneling.

 And some MDF to mold it out. 

 We added the wainscoting and got to work on the painting.
(Sorry, I have been bad with pictures taking - crappy cell pic alert.)

It really is amazing how simple changes like wainscoting and paint can completely transform a room.

I am probably the worlds slowest decorator. I am very methodical when I start a room.
 But hey, two years isn't too long to finish a space is it? haha

Entry Way-

And a couple before and after shots. 
I am a sucker for a before and after shot.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Knick Knacks turned FAB

One of the most satisfying ways to decorate is to accessorize. After a room is finished, it is all about the little details. The pillows, the pictures on the wall, the shelves, the side tables and mirrors, and of course some lovely knick knacks.
 Those little finds can provide such a WOW impact to a room or even just add the right splash of color. 

When you go to the thrift store, keep an open mind. Pretty much anything can be spray painted or painted. So think outside of the box, peruse Pinterest for some fabulous ideas, and be creative. 

Here are some previous posts 
A owl turned Fabulous-

A plastic deer bank turned into a jewelry holder

This ceramic elephant turned into a book weight

Some other fun finds have included small trinket unicorns, swans, squirrels, birds (one of my favorites), and anything that would match your current home decor.

Here are some of the birds I have done recently....I can't pass a lil' bird by without considering buying it.

Spray painting a trinket is easy. 
1. Simply wipe down your find with a rag and some warm water. 
2. Make sure to choose your spray paint according to your item
(you can find specific spray paint for specific surfaces - metal, plastic, stone, etc.)
3. Spray Paint your item and let dry.

I just found this children's toy at the thrift store for  50 cents.
I decided on a metallic gold color.


 Happy thrift store finding. 
I hope you all find something wonderful to redo!


Friday, September 11, 2015

TV Stand

I have been searching for the right piece to use as my TV stand since we moved in. I had a smaller "redo" table as the TV stand, but knew I needed something much bigger. 

When my sister was getting rid of this piece I knew I HAD TO buy it from her. It is perfect for my space. Unfortunately (I could just slap myself) I was anxious to start painting this piece, and completely forgot to take before pictures. (I know, I know, right?!)
Please forgive me for this grainy cell phone shot. It shows a shelf not painted yet, so you can get an idea for the original color.

 I used an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Home Depot in white. I am in LOVE with chalk paint. Although, I will make my own next time. It was quite pricey.

 I simply cleaned this piece really well and didn't bother sanding it before hand. The chalk paint adheres fast and dries quickly. (It has a gritty feel so after you get as many coats as you want, you may want to lightly sand your piece to smooth it out.) 
My husband and I also added legs to this piece to give it the right heigth and the right look. 

I sanded the edges when I was all finished to give it a antiqued look and then applied a few coats of a polyacrylic to seal the paint.

 I love everything about it! 
It stores so much stuff- Xbox games and console, CD's, DVD's, Blankets, remotes, etc.