Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little Changes

I am in FULL NESTING mode. 
I want to get a million projects done, but move like a sloth.  It seems like I am getting lots done but they are little things here and there.
 It is amazing how simple little things can change a look or feel of a room!
I have been adding to my lamp shades like crazy!
I took this same "HOW TO" and made some flowers to add a little extra to some of my lamp shades.

Girls Room Lamp Before....
and AFTER...
 So much better and easy to make a difference!
I decided these need some refreshing too!
A little sewing and some new fresh fabric sure makes a HUGE difference!
And look at this HUGE project I am going to tackle soon for my girls room!
Oh, I am so in love with this piece. 
I picked this up for $35 @ a thrift store.
 She needs some TLC but she is going to be fabulous. 
So watch for that transformation!
Now onto my Bedroom.
 Lamp Before.....
And AFTER......
 It added a perfect color splash.
And I followed the color splash theme and added a little extra to my candlesticks too!

I simply painted a frame yellow, sanded it and hooked it on!
Hopefully I can show you the other fun things I have been working on big and small soon!
Until then