Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are you sick of Chairs yet?

So....First I'd like you all to compliment me on my skills of putting the chair in almost the exact spot and taking the second picture without looking at my camera...I just have an eye for these things...not to Brag! :O)

I have taken it upon myself to assume we've done enough tutorials on these chair for you to get how we do them....maybe I'm wrong if so....sorry it's the "80%er" in me. I just took pictures of before and after. So I used the SATIN Krylon Spray Paint I do not sand the chair down...I just spray paint it and then stain it with  Minwaxs Dark Walnut

I am looking for 5 more chairs like this...random and different, but all tall backs and old school...I am going to paint them all the same but recover them a little different. And then redoing my Kitchen table the same....  I think it will be SUPER FAB when it's all done. 

I'll Post the Finished FULL product when I find 5 more chairs. :O) The thing that stinks is I found 4 the day I bought this one for $4 dollars but I decided to wait...GRRRR!


  1. I love it so much Al! It is gorg! I love the stain too! That is my favorite kind!!

  2. Super cute! I'm going to copy the paint on my chairs...........after I find them.

  3. You can never have too many chairs! I love everything about them Al. You are motivated lately, and it makes me want to be, so thanks! Totally LURVE it!


  4. Omg! When you find all of the chairs and finish them I bet it's going to be gorgeous! WOW, you have done such a fab job!

  5. I love that you will recover them differently. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  6. This is quite possibly the cutest thing ever, I can't wait to see the others. I wish that you showed step by step instructions for dummies like me!:) I have told everyone about your Fab Blog!

    Sarah W.

  7. I'm really new to your blog and have been so impressed with some of the projects that you have done! You may have already done this in the past but I just thought I'd ask . . . Would it be too much to ask to see pictures of the inside of your homes so we can get inspired that way as well? I'm just so amazed at all your creative juices and want to see the finished projects in the "environment!" If you guys would be willing to do that I would so love to see all the AMAZING things you do in your homes! :) Thanks a million for inspiring us! :)

  8. Hey Foxy Fam...It's Ali...right now you really wouldn't want to see the inside of my home...I am in an Apartment and have finally been getting inspired by the thought of moving...I will be posting lots of Painting tips and decoration when I move in the next month...Bon and Han could definatley inspire you though...their house are total GORG & FAB! And so I'll get on them for that! Thanks for your comment! :O)

  9. Oh my! You girls should be so proud of yourselves! I have spent way more hours last night and today reading on your blog and I feel so exhilarated and ready to spray paint something! I don't know how I've managed to not run across y'all until now but now that I have, call me a devotee!

    Now, I'm headed out to our storage bldg/shed to see if we have some 4x4's so I can make some awesome candle sticks! Woot!

    Peace & Love,


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