Friday, February 25, 2011

Spray Paint

I don't think we can stress enough on here the JOYS OF SPRAY PAINT, or any other paint for that matter.
It can transform even the smallest trinkets.

Take these small, rather outdated, owls my cousin sent to me. 
Cute, but not anything I would want to display.
I grabbed out these colors of spray paint.

 Gave these owls a quick coat of lovely Krylon color, and presto chang-o
( I have been wanting to say that forever)
Now they are cute enough to go in my boys room.
 Happy Spray Painting Everybody!


  1. I *super heart* spray painting!! Unfortunately, it's cold about 6 months of the year hear in MN. I am desparate for warmer weather so I can get out there! Love your owls!

  2. That made such a big difference! How cute!!!

  3. I love it! You always find and transform such amazing things! You are so talented!

  4. Oh, paint is the greatest tool a crafter could ever have!

  5. Ah I like it!
    I'm off to the hardware store right now.

  6. Love the owls, they turned out so cute!
    I know how you feel about spray paint, I spray paint sooo many it!

  7. The look just awesome! You did a really good job spay painting the, Bon.
    I use spray paint myself a lot to fresh up older things and to give them a new look again. A can of spray paint usually lasts a long time and is often much less expensive than buying new items.

  8. owl copycat! I want those. Which cousin sent them to you>

  9. I love this idea! I did some at Christmas with silver and gold. But I LOVE these owls! How cute!!

  10. After seeing this post, I actually searched for an owl. I ended up getting a metal owl trivet and spray painted it yellow. It now hangs in my daughter's room and is named "coo ca choo" Thanks for the ideas.

  11. You guys are the ultimate cool people!! I love this bolg!! Why beccs never told me of it's existence sooner is a bit to keep me baffled!! Love this blog!!!!!!! Megan


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