Monday, November 2, 2009

Father's day gift idea


So my Super talented and beautiful friend Kellie had this Father's day idea on her blog. I totally thought it was so cute and decided to copy her. She had each child hold a letter, to spell DAD. I ran to Roberts to get some letters and of course there were no A's left so I got an I, a heart shape, and a U. For I love you. But of course as fate would have it, I put my painted letters and heart in the sun to dry and when I came back to get it Max (my dog) had chewed up all the pieces! ( I swear he eats everything!! Including the siding off of our old house) So in the aspect of time, I just decided to add, with photo editing, the words "I love you". I think it turned out cute, but definitely not as cute as Kellie's kids holding letter's! Seriously, check her's out~ it is amazing and soooo cute!!!

So if any of you are looking for something super quick and inexpensive, but also sentimental, to do for your husbands! This is it! The frame cost $3.00 and the prints for 3 -4x6's cost .58 cents, so my whole total was $3.58. I know my husband will love this. It is something he can put on his desk at work!


  1. You have some very beautiful ideas for gifts..and yes.. INSPIRING! Thanks

  2. Very inspiring gift ideas.. Thanks so much!


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