Monday, November 2, 2009

Refurbished Bed


So the bed turned out beautifully. I still can't believe I found it for only $20.00. It needed some work. But nothing to overwhelming! Here is what we did........

*Sanded and wood glued cracked head board. Also, added decorative molding

*Added 8 inches of "leg" on each leg, out of 2x4, so the trundle bed would fit underneath
I then painted the whole bed a interior HIGH GLOSS white. I debated whether or not to antique it, but decided to keep it fresh and go more shabby chic' with the style of the room when I change it.

*I just need to finish gluing on the round molding pieces.

The girls just love their new bed. I was worried the trundle bed wouldn't fit, or that I measured wrong. But it fits perfectly underneath! I am anxious to switch out the room decor and bedding. I did paint the room and leave the vinyl to make a colored border. So I am sure one of these days there will be a post on here with their new room too.

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