Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dinner Party

Who doesn't love throwing a dinner party?
I know I sure love it!

My sisters and I LOVE to throw a good dinner party.
So we decided to occasionally do posts about "Setting the Table."

Our hope is that you get excited about having people over. 
Go above and beyond to make an evening spectacular!  
It is always worth it! 

My fab sister Hanna belongs to a divine cooking group called the COOKIN' MAMA'S.
The recipes are out of this world, the company phenomenal,  and well, let's not forget the decorating.

I had a chance, awhile back, to attend one that my sister hosted.
And let's just say she pulled out all the stops.
She completely transformed her living space to create a perfect ambiance and setting for her Chinese themed dinner group.

Let's take a peak shall we?

Upon  entering her house we saw these...

Lil' booties to slip on our feet!

A floor table setting, perfect for the theme!

Don't forget these!
She hand made these beauties and they hung so nicely above the table!

Each place setting looked like this.

Don't you just LURVE?

Here are some more views....

Thanks for the invite.
I can't wait to throw a Chinese themed dinner party of my own!


  1. What a fun and creative idea! Thanks for sharing ladies! g

  2. OH MY! I love it. So creative and fun and I am so glad you 3 ladies are sharing "setting the table."

  3. Thanks Bon! That was so sweet of you! I really did love how it turnes out, and your Fabulous Photo skills really did it justice. I love that you were able to be there.


  4. I am super Jell I wasn't able to come...or invited (for that matter) LOL Love you! Thank you for inspiring me sisters!

  5. Wow, I am craving chinese now....very cool !

  6. I wish it wasn't the same night at my book club . . . but thanks for the ideas. Ellowell.


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